DPR: Ukraine has lost 24,000 soldiers, is moving towards contact line (again)


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

The Ministry of Defence announced the interim results of the NPT punitive operation in the Donbas Ukrainian security forces and organised data on the results of the bloodshed and corruption, according to FAN. 

The ministry noted with regret that the report contains only a small part of the facts, what it calls “evidence on crimes of the Ukrainian leadership against its own people.” 

Thus, according to the Defense Ministry, during the conflict in the Donbass, the APU lost the following in battle: killed – about 24 thousand people, wounded – almost 54 thousand. More than nine thousand military reported missing. 

According to the report, non-combat losses amounted to 1 309 people dead. It is noted that 873 people have died as a result of suicide. 

The Office emphasizes that the Ukrainian authorities glossed over the real losses, “because for many of them the operation in the Donbas became a major source of corruption.” To confirm his words, the Ministry of Defense reported that, for example, on the fortifications in March 2015 Kiev had spent about 850 million Hryvnia from the reserve fund of the country. According to the report, about 500 million hryvnia went into the pockets of the supreme command of the APU. 

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Ukrainian tanks again go to Donetsk 

Ukrainian security officials on Sunday opened fire on the northern outskirts of Donetsk, shelling the airport and the nearby village of Spartak. In addition, drones of the NAF saw tanks moving towards the line of contact. The deputy commander of the Corps of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic Eduard Eduard Basurin said. 

“The boiling point is the same – it is an area of ​​the airport. Fires from the same direction – Avdeevka, skirmishes in the direction of the airport, near the village of Spartak. Today, the shelling was carried out by small arms and antiaircraft system ZU-23”, – said Eduard Basurin; cites Donetsk news agency. 

In addition, around noon, the security forces fired mortars in Zhabunki village adjacent to the village of Oktyabrsky on the northern outskirts of Donetsk. 

NAF drones, in turn, announced the beginning of the move toward a column of military equipment in Artemovsk, numbering up to fifty tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and self-propelled guns. At the same time the city has found 12 multiple rocket launching systems “Grad” in Artemovsk, located near Gorlovka, about 20 km to the line of contact from here.

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