Facepalm! US Media shows Russian airstrikes as “American” (Video)


By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ
22nd November, 2015

On the 18th of November, Fort Russ reported  the destruction of 70% of ISIS’ oil revenue via Russia’s long range bombers. These operations were seemingly impossible to spin by Mainstream Media, because the Russian Ministry of Defence filmed the entire thing, publishing and promoting the footage widely. However, PBS’ News Hour programme decided to use the footage and claim it was American airstrikes that were hitting the oil convoys. 

For reference, here is the MoD footage published on their official Youtube Channel:

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And here is the clip from PBS News Hour, courtesy of a  fellow confused viewer:

The sheer audacity of this falsification is simply astonishing; can you imagine Russia doing something like this? Not only is the American media lying incessantly, the President himself, at the Asia Summit in Kuala Lumpur on the 22nd of November, parroted the headline published by the Daily Beast:

Obviously, NATO is absolutely fuming at Russia being in the spotlight, who is simultaneously smashing ISIS apart. It takes a certain degree of stupidity to fall for the State Department’s lies, the first indicator of such an unfortunate brain-capacity being watching a Television. Fort Russ recommends tossing your TV set out of a very high window.

[Note: The documentary PBS published on ‘Assad’s Syria’ is very good and, frankly, it is bizarre that they chose to deviate from the script.]

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