Former APU soldiers implore their colleagues to stop warring against their own people


                                               The loudspeaker
November 11, 2015

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

Former servicemen of the APU, having come to realize the criminal nature of the current authorities in Kiev and thus having shifted over to the side of the People’s Republics, appealed to their colleagues to halt the war on their own people.

It befell the Russian Spring correspondent to see this event with his own eyes.

An antifascist group from the number of former APU servicemen went out on the front positions of the militia, located at the south of Shirokie Balki (the neighborhood of Gorlovka)

Militias – almost all locals and absolutely all of them former citizens of Ukraine – greeted them warmly, talked about their life and the constant shelling by the enemy, and with mortars and even tanks (the latest mortar attack was just two days before).

The enemy, apparently assigned to Armor, is plainly visible through the binoculars.

A sniper monitors the enemy, who could start shelling militia positions any time.

Starting and setting up the equipment.

Gasoline engine generator

They told “the other side” that the current Kiev authorities have long since betrayed them, abandoned them to rot in the damp trenches, while they themselves successfully sell the remnants of Ukraine to the West and, through international lending, actually drive every Ukrainian into debt for generations to come.

They also broadcast Russian and Ukrainian folk songs, and songs of the war years.

Let’s hope that at least some of those men, now on the side of the criminal regime, come around after such treatment by their former comrades. However, we are talking about units. well, recently Kiev cleared “normal” military away from the contact line and replaced them with “ideological” neo-punishers of “goodthink,” and such terminally zombified people understand only one language – the language of lead.

 — Correspondent for Russian Spring, near Gorlovka

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