France is paying all its debts at once


November 14, 2015


Komsomolskaya Pravda

Translated by Kristina Rus

Our columnist – about the Syrian background to the terrorist attacks in Paris and Russia’s reaction to this bloody drama

The monstrous terrorist attacks in France are very reminiscent of a speedy replay of the terrorist war, which for decades was fought against Russia. The slaughter at the concert hall “Bataclan” is a copy-cat of “Nord-Ost” [theater siege in Moscow – FR]…

So we in Russia understand very well what the French are going through. Like no other.

But the tragedy occurred not at the best time for relations between the two nations. Just after a French magazine mocked the victims of our plane crash who perished in Sinai. And I have not seen any public apology from the French. Only our officials claimed that the real French are ashamed… Therefore, all expressions of sympathy, unfortunately, have to start with a disclaimer: “Despite your mockery of the terrorist attack against us, we’re very sorry”.

We sympathize because we know the bloody taste of this grief. We are sincerely sorry. Honestly.

But, thinking with a cool head, it’s hard to deny that France is paying the debt. On all accounts at once.

Terrorists shout: “This is for Syria!”. And it really is “For Syria”, but not in the sense that the French bombed ISIS but because when France received a mandate to govern Syria after WWI, it first divided the territory into 5 states according to denominations: Christian, Alawite, Sunni, Druze, and Armenian. And then glued it into two – Syria and Lebanon, laying the preconditions for civil wars in both countries. If the French kept Syria unified, or divided it properly – there would be no ISIS there right now.

Two years ago President Hollande was waving his sword and rushed to participate in American intervention in Syria, only narrowly stopped at the last moment by Vladimir Putin.

It is Hollande and his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy who supported the overthrow of Qaddafi, welcomed the Islamic revolution in Egypt, set fire to Syria and are directly responsible for the birth of ISIS, “An-Nusra” and other vermin, for the unfolding of their activities in France and the entire Europe, for the explosive flow of refugees.

When in January killers massacred the editors of “Charlie”, instead of appropriate changes in security and migration policies, Hollande was only focused on Marine Le Pen not scoring political points and launched the campaign of hysterical tolerance “Je suis Charlie”.

Meanwhile, it was time to think about not the artists, who since then repeatedly showed themselves, but those citizens of France, who were in danger of becoming the next victims of terrorists!

It was necessary to tighten migration policy, border control, to really crack down on terrorist organizations around the world and the Islamic underground in France.

Instead, the orgy of ‘tolerance’ continued, Hollande had more important business – to save the Kiev junta and hold on to “Mistral”. France became the best friend of Qatar – one of the main sponsors of the most radical terrorism, including ISIS.

And if you peer into hell for a while, then hell will start peering at you…

The most terrible fact of this tragedy – the killers at “Bataclan” spoke good French without an accent. So they are not recent migrants, not the terrorists fresh from the Middle East. They are graduates of French schools, perhaps French citizens, whom the country was trying to teach tolerance.

There is a poignant 2008 film with Isabelle Adjani – “The Last Lesson”. A teacher in a migrant neighborhood in Paris, desperate from unruly students unwilling to listen, tired of their barbaric morality, discovers a gun on one of them and takes the class hostage, forcing the little rascals at gunpoint to learn biography of Moliere and respect a woman. The police and officials are dancing around thinking the “intolerant” teacher is the main threat. SWAT prepares for a storm. But ultimately, one of the students gets a hold of the gun and carnage begins. A very enlightening film that everyone should take a look at.

We cannot say that the French themselves are not aware and don’t realize what is happening to them. And “National Front” of Marine Le Pen has become the leading party in France not by chance. But the local political system has been designed so that with the greatest number of votes, Le Pen’s party receives the fewest number of seats at the parliament. This means that the situation will change only when more than 50% vote for the “Front”.

Dictatorship can always be justified by the fact that the people who did not elect the tyrant suffer innocently. But France is a democratic country. It has political leaders who were ready to restructure the policy so as to prevent the tragedy. You could vote for Jean Le Pen in 2002 and 2007, and for Marine Le Pen in 2012. No, not “could”, “should” have voted for Marin in 2012. Instead, the French chose Hollande and the party of tolerant hypocrites.

Today the terrible price of this decision became evident. The streets of Paris are stained with blood.

Helpless confused people are rushing through the city in horror.

But will the shock they have experienced change anything? If despite the state of emergency regional elections will still be held on December 6 – will the French show they are finally ready to stop this, or will they continue to vote for freedom for terrorists, and equality and fraternity with the bandits?

I’m afraid that the answer to this horror will be continuation of the same. Western propaganda has, in fact, already a totalitarian nature: “Lets more closely unite around the values of multiculturalism, will not allow extremism, blame it on Assad, if he gave up – nothing would happen…”

Unfortunately, it is already evident that we are really watching the fall of the Roman Empire under the onslaught of barbarians live on TV. The same stubborn refusal to understand what’s going on, the same unwillingness to make serious decisions, the same debauchery at a moment of mortal danger. It would be nice to see the beautiful France finally find its Jeanne D’arc.

But it’s hard to believe.

So it is important today for Russia to learn a lesson.

And to defend ourselves.

Our territory.

Our people.

Our planes.

To support our allies.

To uproot the contagion of terror from the Middle East and everywhere.

Be prepared to deal not only with performers, but also with sponsors of terrorism.

And not hope that the French authorities and Europe will learn something from this nightmare. That they will change their policy and begin to fight a common enemy shoulder to shoulder with us, stop behaving in the East like a bull in a China shop. To base our calculations on such a hope would be a form of self-deception.

Our hearts go out to the people of France. Stay strong.

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