Georgia-Russia checkpoint turns away trucks with Turkish registration


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

26th November, 2015

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Russian border guards at the checkpoint of “Kazbegi –Upper Lars” haved blocked the passage to Russia via Georgia following the transit of trucks with Turkish plates, according to the correspondent of the newspaper LOOK in Georgia with reference to the news Agency “Pirveli”. According to the Agency, hundreds of trucks on the border with the Georgian side  have accumulated. Vehicles with other number plates have been allowed to pass through.

According to drivers of vehicles with a Turkish registration, the Russian border guards do not explain the reasons for the refusal, however, they attribute the fact that relations between the two countries are going through a difficult time after the attack by Turkish jets on the Russian plane in Syria.

Officials in Tbilisi are yet to comment. The checkpoint is in the mountains, temperatures are low, weather conditions are difficult.

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