Head of FSB called to halt Russian flights to Egypt


Alexander Bortnikov

Novemeber 6, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

The head of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov has announced that he considers it expedient to suspend the flights of Russian aviation to Egypt to ascertain the causes of the disaster in the skies over Sinai.

“Until we determine the true causes of the incident, I consider it expedient to suspend the flights of Russian aviation in Egypt. Especially the tourist stream,” – said the head of the National anti-terrorist committee of Russia, FSB director at the special meeting of the NAC, reports RIA “Novosti”.

“We need to get absolutely objective and verified data on the causes of the disaster. It is necessary for the investigation and finding causes of the disaster, and to educate the public. The work should be done carefully and for as long as necessary”, – said the head of the FSB, reports TASS.

The British government on Wednesday evening issued a statement that, according to “various sources”, the cause of the disaster of the Russian aircraft A321 with “high probability” could be an explosive device. In this regard, the government announced urgent measures to ensure the safety of citizens in Sharm El-Sheikh. In particular, the office of the British Prime Minister announced the decision to suspend flights to Sharm El-Sheikh. Britain also decided to urgently evacuate its citizens from the Egyptian resort town.

After the statements made by London a number of countries have also suspended flights to Sharm El-Sheikh.

Egypt called London’s decision premature. Russian authorities also urged not to draw hasty conclusions about the causes of the disaster.

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