John Kerry: “The United States does not go in search of enemies”

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by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

13th November, 2015

John Kerry (real name Cohen) has come out with some more porkies during his most recent time at the White House podium. For example:

“The US led an international effort to eliminate Syria inventory of chemical weapons”

What John really means is that US has supplied ISIS with mustard gas in the past, but can no longer do that, because of the Russian Bear. 

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He still REFUSES to drop the Sarin Gas hoax, insisting that Assad killed his own civilians within a stones throw of UN inspectors. Another pearl from Cohen was:

“The United States does not go in search of enemies”

With the blood of millions on your hands, you do not need to venture far to encounter ‘enemies’ John.  Anyhow, enjoy the video, his bile begins around the 7 minute mark.

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