Kravchuk calls for rejection of western overlordship and rejection of Minsk II



in Antifascist, November 4, 2015

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

President Kravchuk calls for rejecting Ukraine’s subordination in order NOT to fulfill Minsk II.

Ukraine is trying to slip out of the Minsk Agreements, which Ukraine’s western overseers oblige it to uphold. However, how to delete Poroshenko’s signature on Minsk II? Leonid Kravchuk, the first president of Ukraine, prominent on the side of the war party, invented the technique. The politician who brought Ukraine to independance, now openly calls for abandoning subordination to the great powers.

Ukraine’s first president Leonid Kravchuk believes that the signing of deals in Minsk is a political mistake of the Ukrainian authorities.

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“We should objectively say that our country today is not subject to international policies. Ukraine does not act on an equal footing with other Western countries. It has no impact on the policies of Germany, France, the United States. So we are in a very difficult political, economic, social and military-strategic position. The above-mentioned countries are helping Ukraine, not as we would like, but they help. Please tell me: if they help us can we impose our will on them? No. This means, objectively, these countries form the policy of the Ukrainian state … They impel Ukraine, to take the appropriate decision in Minsk,” said Ukraine’s first president on the Minsk agreement, openly acknowledging that Ukraine has become a colony of the West. 

In other words, neither Nenka [slang for Ukraine — tr] nor her puppet Poroshenko is in any position to take independent decisions in the international arena. Then, one must give the right over to the real masters of Ukraine and seat Obama at the negotiating table instead of Roshen.

The ex-president also believes that it is not possible to hold elections in accord with the Ukrainian law in territory, where there is no Ukrainian authority. Kravchuk said that “we sign a document that says that you must first hold elections, and then withdraw the troops, and the bandits and establish control over the border.”

“And how to conduct these elections? No one recommends and no one will say, but just do it anyway. Now we answer: yes, it’s been signed, and the Verkhovna Rada will decide how to do this. We say that we are not going to fulfill anything written in the Minsk deals. Therefore, people should tell the truth, and say that it was a mistake. And I believe that the signing of these documents, which are now being discussed, was a political mistake of the Ukrainian authorities,” Kravchuk emphasized.

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