Kravchuk on Crimean TV channel ATR: Crimea is not going back

Leonid Kravchuk, first president of Ukraine

October 22, 2015

November 5, 2015
Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

The theme of Crimea has been on the edge of Ukrainian media and airwaves, effectively replacing the much more pressing topic – how to come to terms with the not quite escaped Donbas, or how not to lose even the remaining territory, not to mention rebuilding the shattered economy and turning the country, if not to Europe, at least to human living conditions, and moreover, with the fact that Crimea will not revert to Ukraine, even if Ukraine miraculously takes on some analog of paradise on Earth. This is now suspected on the indisputable Ukrainian authority of ex-president of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk.

According to him, Crimea will not return, even in the event that there would be a better life in Ukraine.

“We have no plan for the return of the Crimea, approved by the Verkhovna Rada. There is talk, and the main point of it is that if we in Ukraine begin to live better, then Crimea will return on its own. That will never happen. We need to know Russian political thought, especially the philosophy of the Russians, that this is not in the cards. There’s another philosophy – they will suffer, they will endure, but they will not give up Crimea “, – said Kravchuk, on TV channel ATR.

According to Kravchuk the very Ukrainian officials and politicians don’t believe in “the return of Crimea,” but wouldn’t say so in public.

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“There isn’t a firm belief among many Ukrainian politicians that Crimea could go back — I conclude this on the experience of communicating with them on various levels. 

“They do not believe in this policy at the level of everyday perception, knowing Russia, her wars going back 150 years, and the aggressive attitude towards Ukraine as a whole,” said Kravchuk.
Forgetting, however, to add that the aggressive spirit is just the reaction to that of Ukraine, which, having long since gotten their government from the Russians, for some unknown reason got so keen in their “AntiRossii,” splashing their benefactors with slops, harassing with petty chicanery and reproaches, and arranging the anti-Russian madness of Maidan. As if it were Russia that shut down the world-leading high tech, prevented the auto industry competing with Mercedes, and prevented them from properly sewing up boots.

However, learning from bitter experience is a property alien to a professional Ukrainians. That is why Kravchuk persists in spurring incitements, stacking up problems, and creating them for Russia: Ukraine should provide all possible conditions for Russia to have lasting problems in Crimea, he insisted.

“Ukraine could join forces with the West to fight back in the Donbas, and then Russia would start having second thoughts — she thought that it would be like a knife in butter, but no such! And the more everything is stretched out, the deeper the problems Russia will have in the Donbas. It is necessary to create the conditions for her to have constant problems in the Crimea,” said Kravchuk.

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