Littlehirosima:Paris vs Donbass


Original by Yevdokia “Dunya” Sheremetyeva published on the littlehirosima blog; translated from Russian by J.Hawk  and originally published at South FrontNovember 18th, 2015

I opened up my computer in the morning and was horrified. My newsfeed is full of photographs showing sorrow and flowers. 128 people total. 

And for some reason I cried, for the first time in the last six months. Because I was at my wits’ end.

Where were their damn photographs and flowers when Pervomaisk was being decimated, every day, by howitzers and rocket artillery?Where were your photographs over the whole six months of this senseless war?

In Pervomaisk alone, about FIVE HUNDRED civilians were killed. Did you know? Did you want to know?

Don’t tell me “this is different”.
When I opened up the news sites in the morning, I got frightened.
It was like 9/11, or Beslan.
My heart goes out to the relatives of the victims.
This is a terrible tragedy.
But, excuse me, aren’t the people of the Donbass also human?

Don’t say “these were innocent people in the theater, whereas in Donbass there are combatants”- walk through the retirement homes, orphanages, hospitals, shelters on the Donbass, see how many people live there with no ability to leave when they come under fire.

So many elderly there don’t even understand what is happening–politics is beyond them. What difference does it make whose weapons killed them, even? Is that the most important thing when it comes to your compassion?

The Lugansk Regional Retirement Home No. 1 was hit by several shells at once. Five wheelchair-bound retirees and their caretaker got killed while enjoying the outdoors in the garden. Believe me, they had no idea about Maidan or Novorossia. Did you know about this?

Do you know how many such institutions have no ability to evacuate themselves? Shelters for people with disabilities who have been forgotten by their relatives 20 years ago – where are they supposed to go? The hundreds of abandoned elderly? Orphans? Do you know how many children perished there?

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I realize that for many people compassion is a very selective thing. It appears only when it does not get in the way of political convictions. But on the Donbass, hundreds of peaceful people, who have not asked for this war and could not leave, were killed.You can read about dozens, hundreds of actual stories with photos and videos.

If it is your choice to post photos of flowers only now, be honest with yourselves and admit: I feel compassion only when it is convenient. Dead Frenchmen are not the same thing as dead “separatists”.

I feel sorrow for France. And I am posting this candle photo. Because people died. People who were not at fault.

It’s not pleasant for me to have to write this. I spent several hours thinking whether to publish it. Because pain is pain everywhere. Destroyed lives are destroyed lives everywhere. In France, Russia, Donbass, Syria, or the Philippines.

But to my silent horror, I realize that if tomorrow mass slaughter resumes on the Donbass, you will be silent. I will not see your pictures of mourning.

And If there are acts of terrorism in our country, you will either remain silent, or write some utter nonsense about Putin and “bloody KGB”. 

You, too, can contribute to helping the people of the Donbass. Contact me in person through my livejournal accountthrough Facebook, PayPal+message ([email protected]), or via email [email protected]

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