MoD comments on S400 story in the Daily Mail


By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

13th November, 2015

Originally posted on the Ministry of Defence Facebook page

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The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation comments on the statement of the British Daily Mail concerning allegedly deployed S-400 air defence missile system at the ‎Hmeymim airbase:


“Certain statements regarding our airbase, which regularly come up in foreign publications, are at the very least confusing, if not laughable. We would like to believe that these fairy tales are published for the sake of self-advertisement.

Before scaring the British and the whole world by talking about the deployment of our S-400 AA missile system, they should have looked the system up on Wikipedia or the Ministry of Defence website. Then the editors of this agency would know how many elements this missile system comprises and how much space it would have taken to deploy it.

We have been working together with the journalists at the Hmeymim airbase for three days now. They have been given an opportunity to see everything here for yourselves, including air defence means of the base. There has never been S-400 AA system here. This is a clear misinformation.

We have brought you here to understand the real situation and to uncover this and other rumours, and we intend to continue inviting foreign journalists to our press-tours in future.”

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