MoD releases video showing the destruction of ISIS oil tankers


By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

18th November, 2015

After Putin dropped a bombshell (pun intended) at the G20 summit, highlighting the illegal purchase of ISIS-looted oil products, one cannot help but wonder why he chose that exact moment to reveal this. Perhaps it is leverage to entice the Western ‘partners’ into compliance in the Middle East, with the alternative being naming and shaming. One thing is for sure though, there are plenty of suspects lined up: Turkey, UK, USA, Germany, France, Ukraine etc… One of the pretexts for the removal of Assad was to prevent the Shia-backed Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline from being constructed, which would have left not only Saudi Arabia out of the market share, but Israel too, with its looted Golan Heights resources. Such a pipeline would have drawn not only Russian investment, but Chinese also, and would have secured the BRICS bank’s position in the Middle East.

Russia can do the Ruble no harm by cutting ISIS’s financial supply line off from its dodgy customers, exposing them for what they are – financed from abroad. Such a move can expose each guilty party one by one, as they struggle to explain the findings of Putin’s satellites. 

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