“Novorossia Madonna” had a message for Paris, on her shirt … (18+)


Novorossia Madonna

November 15, 2015

Kristina Rus

If you have been following Fort Russ and Kiev junta’s onslaught on Ukrainian citizens in Novorossia since the beginning, these images from the summer of 2014 may seem familiar. 

But only after the Paris attacks on November 13, the iconic image, which has become a symbol of the suffering of Donbass civilians, attracted new attention, because of what “Novorossia Madonna” (also known as “Gorlovka Madonna”) was wearing – a Paris shirt, making a powerful statement that the value of life of a Western European and a Russian resident of Eastern Ukraine is the same.

Before Maidan:



After Maidan: 

Posted July 29, 2015


Irina Petrenko

Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

What “Gorlovka Madonna” died for

A year ago, on July 27 2014, when the East of Ukraine was already at war, a young woman and her little daughter – Kristina and Kira – died from the shelling of Ukrainian forces. This terrible tragedy touched everyone. Kristina then was named the “Gorlovka Madonna”.

Bloody Sunday

Here is what a blogger from Gorlovka, Yana Malkova recalls online: “Yes, July 27. I will never forget this day. Five in the morning, the first shelling, the shells on Korolenko, near my house (God saved us – the rocket did not explode) and the territory of addiction treatment center (formerly TB clinic). At 13.30 — second attack, the area of “Melody” shop and medical school (then a mother with a baby was killed in the park in front of her husband) [speaking of Kristina and her daughter] and the third attack — from 18.00 (as we traveled by car from Gorlovka to Donetsk). I called my mom, she was in tears, thought that I could get killed. At that time mother was in Dzerzhinsk, Magdalynovka (near Mayorsk), and she saw Ukrainian “Grads” with her own eyes, continuously firing on Gorlovka. People were just hysterical. The attack continued until night. Chaotic. All over the city. On this day there were the most killed and wounded residents of Gorlovka”.

On the anniversary of the worst attack on Gorlovka a memorial ceremony was held at the cornerstone of the monument to innocent victims of the undeclared war.

“In my hometown of Gorlovka today is a one year anniversary of the terrible events of bloody Sunday. On this day a year ago, we felt the horrors of war: death, several dozen families destroyed, shattered homes, life in the basement, cries of children … This year has brought a lot of grief, turned many heads gray. It is terrible to think that in my city the war claimed the lives of so many children, in the country, which aims to join Europe and is located in the center of Europe. We, living in war, learned to appreciate peace and life like no one else. We do not wish on anyone to go through the horrors of war, and we will never forget them,” — writes on Facebook Yana Malkova.

And then BBC will tell about it …

According to El Murid, who was in Gorlovka then, shortly after the shelling militia captured two Ukrainian artillery men, presumably from the division, which shelled Kristina and Kira.

After the prisoners, who under a guarantee of personal safety admitted at the interrogation that they took part in the shelling of Gorlovka on July 27, they were immediately shot.

“Raging local militia practically tore them from the guards and shot almost on the spot. Which has angered the higher-ups, but the situation was so intense – almost close to a rebellion, so ultimately they got a free pass, — says Anatoly Nesmiyan. — Kristina’s story then just blew up the situation, although, of course, people were killed before that and after, but it turned out that her image has ripped off the last brakes from everyone. Locals as a result of attacks each had by that time relatives, neighbors, acquaintances killed –  the mental state was understandable. In fact, even the non-local militia were not the calmest, the rage was off the charts”.

The information about the executions of alleged murderers of “Gorlovka Madonna” reached then-commander of DPR Igor Strelkov, who, having learned of the lynching, was furious.

“I was called up by Strelkov, and after talking with him, I already thought that I would also be ripped apart right there in the [former] SBU courtyard, that’s how furious he was,” — writes El Murid. The fact is Western journalists learned about the execution of Ukrainian soldiers, Western journalists, and it turned out like in Vysotsky song, “And then the BBC will tell about it”.

BBC squeezed out of this a huge headline about terrorist beasts, which fit very well with hysteria about the Boeing-777 [MH-17], downed a couple of weeks before that. Strelkov, apparently, was on the verge of a breakdown”, — recalls Nesmiyan.

Who is to blame

According to El Murid, despite the fact that the alleged main perpetrators of the deaths of Kristina and her daughter are known, they will likely be off the hook. 

“Kristina decided to quickly run across through the park. And Ukrainian fighters who were hunting Igor Bezler, hit the building of police department. This was admitted by former MP Briginets – writes one Ukrainian commentator. — A cousin of the deceased was studying at Kiev National University. A supporter of Maidan. When I asked her, was Maidan worth the death of her cousin with her daughter, she said nothing”.

“Until you staged a coup and started killing people, you did not have any Strelkovs or Bezlers – right? – answers Nesmiyan. — When you blew up the country under the cries of “Kill Colorad” [kill the Russians], you have left them no options.” 

“You should start the countdown not from April-May, but from February, December and November. Have you joined Europe already? Freely travel to Europe without visas? Get average European salary? You decided to kill thousands of people for this – did your dream come true? Or do you still have a few thousand more to kill?” — writes El Murid.

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