Plans for new nuclear submarine system ‘accidentally’ leaked by Russian State TV


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

11th November, 2015

President Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, confirmed that the programmes on several Russian TV channels, on the eve of the meeting devoted to the president on defense subjects, showed still- classified weapons systems. “We hope that this will not happen again,” – said Peskov, reports “Interfax”.

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The television report on NTV, broadcasted before President Vladimir Putin’s meeting on the development of the defense industry, showed visual material on the underwater Multipurpose System “status-6”, according to a blog. The purpose of the tv programme was “loss of important economic facilities in the area of ​​the enemy coast and causing unacceptable damage, which guaranteed the country, through the establishment of extensive zones of radioactive contamination, is unsuitable for implementation in these areas of military, economic, business or other activity for a long time.”

As can be seen, the top left shows the nuclear submarine being built, codename “Belgorod” Project 09 852. To the right – a nuclear submarine being built with codename “Khabarovsk” Project 09 851. Recall that in the structure of the Ministry of Defense, the General Directorate operates a top-secret deep-sea research operation. It is engaged in the training of specialists in the field of deep-sea activities, carrying out research in the field of diving, monitoring the oceans and the search and rescue of wrecks. These submarines are contained in his jurisdiction.

Chief editor of “National Defense” Igor Korotchenko said in an interview the he refused to speculate on whether the information was declassified or not. Many Russian publications on Wednesday evening thus came to their own conclusions. “What is important is the fact that the United States received a completely clear signal that Russia is developing a new means of defence that makes the concept of the American missile defense system meaningless. The Russian defense industry aims to find military solutions to neutralize any potentially dangerous the US military programs for our country, “- said Korochenko to the newspaper “VIEW”.

He recalled that the release of information of such Russian weapons systems have occurred in the Western press in the past, but were not finalised plans. In particular, some time ago, the US press reported on the development of Russia’s top-secret underwater drone. “The fact that such a system is created is, to a certain extent, news for all of us because it seems to have be classified. We believe that there are opportunities for a potential aggressor to see leaks even if it is the concept of the so-called Prompt Global Strike “- the expert believes.

Korochenko is sure that the published information was immediately reported to the leadership of the United States and “US intelligence agencies will now analyse carefully and predict future developments.” “Russia has shown that attempts to report on a American anti-missile shield are absolutely meaningless, as there is scope for other innovative solutions for strategic parity between our countries”, – he said. “In this regard, Russia, a self-sufficient military power, once again demonstrates to the world that attempts to dictate power, attempts to implement plans for a surprise attack on our country with the hope of depriving its nuclear status, are an absolutely pointless idea” – summed Igor Korotchenko.

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