Political Crisis in Montenegro: A letter to the occupation authorities


November 3rd, 2015 – 

Fort Russ – By: Gojko Raicevic, translated by Novak Drashkovic – 

Raicevic, the editor of the IN4S portal, has submitted a written report on the
unknown policemen to the Podgorica center for security, and has written a
letter addressed to the top level police commanders. We bring to you the
content of the letter, titled “A letter to the occupation authorities of
Montenegro”, in the following text. 

On Sunday, the 16th of October, around 16:00 hours, I came to the
parliament building in order to take photos of the session held by this
institution in conditions of occupation. I established the fact that the
primary legislative institution of the country remained enclosed like a sheepfold,
holding the president of the assembly and a number of MPs. On the road to the
building of the government, where I expected to photograph similar things, a
blue Mercedez Benz police van with registration plates P-PG 070 caught up with

A uniformed policeman in the van made a threatening gesture towards me with
his hand, simulating a beating movement. I informed a police officer named Alen
Skrijel about the incident and he directed me to the Podgorica security center.
The aforementioned threat has an even greater degree of gravity when the fact
that I was taken into custody, injured (later ending up in the ER) in the exact
same location the previous morning is taken into consideration.  

I demand from the occupation authorities to, without deferment, identify and
sanction the police officer responsible for the threat made against me, having
in mind the fact that I was a victim of police torture in 2004 that left me
heavily injured. I was also lightly injured the day before. I warn you that if
you fail to meet this request,  I will
hold responsible not only the police officer In question, but also the
occupation minister of the interior, the director of the police force and his
associates, as well as the head of the Podgorica security center. 

I must note
that I am unfortunately forced to inform the representatives of the
international community in occupied Montenegro, the professional associations
representatives as well as the general public about the threats made against

It is, of course, clear that these threats and the police
torture will not affect my determination to persevere in the struggle against
the police regime of Milo Djukanovic until the full liberation of this country.

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