Putin presents evidence of illegal ISIS oil trade at G20


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

16th November, 2015


Pictures taken from space and from aircraft showed the scale of the illegal trade in acquiring oil and petroleum products from the “Islamic state”, said the Russian leader Vladimir Putin at the G20 meeting.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia showed pictures at the meeting from space showing the scale of the oil trade of ISIS.

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“I showed our colleagues our pictures from space of the aircraft, which clearly show the scale of the illegal trade in acquiring oil and oil products. The motor vehicles of the refuelling column stretched for dozens of kilometers, so much so that from a height of 4-5 thousand meters they go over the horizon “, – Putin said at a press conference after the summit, G20.

“It looks just like the oil pipeline system. With colleagues this question will be discussed, and I hope that in the future we will continue this work which, in my opinion, is extremely important for the fight against terror,” – he added.

[O.R: In addition to handing over the photos, Putin declared that 40 countries are involved in the illegal purchase of ISIS oil, some of which are G20 members. Without a shadow of a doubt, Turkey will be one of them. This comes as no surprise as a terrorist group like ISIS are not self-funded, and, since we know from the 2012 DIA report, that the U.S hoped to remove Gaddafi and turn Libya into a buffer zone for the Jihadi’s, they are certainly not lonesome actors. The U.S allegedly bombed around 100 oil tankers in the last 24 hours, which, if it happened at all, is them covering their tracks. One thing is for sure – Putin’s pockets are very very deep, and he will not hesitate to pull things out of them.]

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