Putin scolds Turkey to Foreign Delegations – Video


Published on Nov 27, 2015 – 

Inessa Sinchougova for Fort Russ – 

The letters handed over to the President specify the purpose of the diplomats’ visit to Russia and declare the truthfulness in the work that they will carry out. This tradition dates back to the times of the Tsars but today is only carried out for formal, symbolic purposes. 

As is tradition, the President summarized the current state of affairs between Russia and each country’s representative. This was the first hosting of foreign dignitaries in the Kremlin since the downing of the Russian fighter jet over Syria. Putin took this opportunity to offer words of criticism toward Turkey’s actions, in front of the international community.

“We have still not heard any comprehensible apologies from the Turkish political leaders or any offers to compensate for the damage caused or promises to punish the criminals for their crime.”

To conclude the ceremony, Putin wishes the ambassadors well on their way and success in the work that they will carry out in Russia.

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