Russia readies food embargo against Ukraine

Aleksei Ulyukayev

Sanctions? “The longer they last, the less effect.”
November 11, 2015

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

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Russia is ready to enter unilateral safeguard measures in trade with Ukraine and a food embargo against it in case the two countries do not reach a compromise on the association of Kiev and the EC. Economic Development Minister Alexei Ulyukayev reported this on television channel Russia 24, reports TASS.

“We will take all measures to safeguard our economy. Of course, we’d prefer to see these measures adopted on a multilateral basis. If that doesn’t come through, we will take them on a unilateral basis, and enter the security mechanism of the “Most favored nations” regime, i.e. withdrawal of preferential treatment in trade with Ukraine and the introduction of a food embargo,” said the Minister.

On the subject, according to Ulukayev, Russia is not preparing to come up with new responses to the EU sanctions. “Why should we retaliate? It’s already the status quo; the longer they last, the less effect. Actually, our economic adaptation to them is a fait accompli,” said the Minister.

On November 9 the German paper Handelsblatt  reported that the heads of state and government of the EC countries intend to extend the economic sanctions against Moscow, that were implremented because of the conflict in Ukraine, for another six months. Officially, though, any decision about extending the restrictive measures against Moscow would be taken at the summit of the EC December 18.

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