Russian authorities know everyone who went to fight in Syria by name


November 17, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Russian security services are on top of those who joined the “Islamic state”, tracking their movements, fully control “any of their appearance on the horizon,” – told RIA Novosti a high-ranking source in the North Caucasus Federal district.

Russian authorities know the names of everyone who went to fight in Syria, risks of threats are increasing, but their any possible appearance at the borders is monitored and controlled, told RIA Novosti senior source at the North Caucasian Federal district (NCFD).

“We know them by last name, by first name, everyone who went to Syria, and their any appearance on the horizon is fully monitored and controlled,” – said the source.

To the question whether there is evidence of attempts of those who joined the “Islamic state” to return to Russia, the source responded: “Of course, but they are detained”. He noted that some of them have been killed on the territory of Syria.

“Risks increase, but we watch everyone, work with families, tracking the movement of them all,” – the source added, answering the question, if ISIS threat has increased on the territory of Russian Federation. According to him, Russian security services are working hard in this area.

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