Russian customs unofficially stops the flow of Turkish goods


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

25th November, 2015

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Customs brokers are now disengaged in the clearance of goods from Turkey, told the radio station “Moscow speaking” about an unspoken ban on TCF imports of goods from that country.

One of the interlocutors of the radio station that is engaged in the import of products said, in an interview to “Moscow speaking”, that today they did not accept the customs Declaration for the issue of Turkish goods of all categories and recommend the carriers to issue a re-export.

“Any kind of official paper was not shown to anybody, but the point is that for the goods today, the Turkish issue was impossible. The machine that is used is slowing down, and for those that already arrived, a re-export was issued. The goods that arrived by air, are also experiencing the same problem,” the source added.

Source in the Federal customs service said to “Moscow speaking”  that the customs officers gave the order of 100% screening of cargo from Turkey, and then to leave them at the warehouse of temporary storage. We are talking about all types of transportation. 

On the forum devoted to the Russian customs, entrepreneurs discussed this issue. Some of them decided to suspend the transportation. 

The Federal customs service declined to comment to “Moscow speaking” on reports that customs doesn’t allow importing goods from Turkey.

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