Russian infantry troops reportedly participate for the “first time” in Syria


By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

22nd November, 2015

According to a reliable source, Russia has dispatched some troops to control a strategic hill overlooking Sahl al-Ghab in Syria. Now in terms of Fourth Generational Warfare, it is possible that this is indeed a first for Russia’s operation in Syria, however, it is most likely that this is a frequent occurrence that is not always as obvious as looking for soldiers with Russian emblems on their attire.

The source writes:

Here is my opinion on the leading sources saying that in Syria, for the first time, Russian infantry troops participated, backed by tanks and aircraft, in an operation to storm the opposition forces between the countryside of Latakia and Idlib countryside, where they captured a strategic hill without recording any injuries in the ranks of the attacking forces.

The leading sources state that a live military exercise was carried out by the Russian army on Syrian land, which required the involvement of an infantry battalion, with the help of Syrian 130 mm cannons and advanced Sukhoi SU-25M aircraft to aid the advancing Russian infantry from the periphery . Carrying out the takeover process highly accurately , and without losses to the attacking forces is evidence that the Russian army is using their troops on an increase level of efficiency, clashing with the enemy as a prelude to the involvement of combat units in the near future, because the Kremlin leadership made the decision to benefit Syria strongly, and to consider the land of Sham as an arena for the real training and the development of strength and to shake off rust of the combat equipment that did not participate in a real battle for many years. 

According to the same sources, Russia has not only established a strong presence in warm waters, but has also put into place rules and procedures as it deems appropriate. In the past, Russia’s rapprochement was shy in nature. Today, a large fleet performs live manoeuvres with set rules and procedures for airports and ship navigation which stretches to commercial aircraft and ships in the manoeuvring area, something the former Soviet Union at the height of his power did not dare to do. Also it is worth noting that modern Russia has imposed itself over the application of measures of control at what ever time it likes, which, overnight , became a triangle of control in between the city of Beirut, down to the international waters that touches the island of Cyprus and ending at Poseidon in Turkey.

Under the authority of Russia, knowing that this triangle roughly covers the area of ​​Syria, it is clear that the Russian fleet has become an integral part of the control and defense of Syria, and that the Bear paved the way for future operations to create great freedom on the land of Sham for forces to exact revenge on terrorism, Afghanistan’s history and restore the glory of old Russia, using a more diplomatic, modern system, which is more resolute in nature.

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This is not the first time this source has mentioned the activity of Russian boots on the ground, in fact, it really isn’t a secret anymore that Spetsnaz and other elite units are a large reason as to why ISIS/’rebels’ never took total control of key cities.

It is worth remembering that the Syrian State news agency ‘SANA’ removed one of their videos where Russian language could clearly be heard, choosing to re-upload the video with that particular section muted.

At 4:10 we clearly hear Russian being spoken:

Here is the edited video, where at 4:20 we can hear the blatant insertion of silence:

Likewise, American spec ops will also be on the ground, likely for some time, trying to aid their ‘moderate’ buddies. It is all part of that thing called Fourth Generational Warfare.

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