Russian military pilot: “Turkey is siding with ISIS by shooting down a Russian Su-24”


November 24, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Honored military pilot of the Russian Federation Andrey Gusev believes that the Su-24 was shot down “clearly illegally” and these actions by Turkey can have “serious political repercussions”.

In an interview with Gazeta.Ru the expert explained why Russian bombers flew without fighter support. “The fighters cover the bombers from possible air attacks. Where there is a danger. But ISIS has no aviation. And the anti-terrorist operation was coordinated with all coalition countries, including Turkey. Therefore, there was no potential threats to our planes which would call for protection from air. So the plane was clearly illegally shot down,” – he said.

According to the pilot, this incident may have serious political consequences. “In fact, Turkey is siding with ISIS and is going for a military confrontation with the Russian Federation. This is not in their interest,” — said Gusev.

The ex-commander of the 4th Air force and Air defense army, general-lieutenant, Hero of Russia, Valery Gorbenko commented: “The plane that mistakenly flew into someone else’s airspace, according to the existing norms should leave as soon as possible. If it lost orientation in space, it must turn on the distress signal so that its own ground service  determines its location and helps to return.”

According to the expert, the procedure for responding to the airspace violation by foreign aircraft is different in each country. “Before it used to be like this: they raised fighters, which gave the stranger a special warning that it violated the airspace. If it did not respond, it was forced to land. If they failed, a decision about its destruction was made. But this decision was not made by the pilots, who were sent out for the intercept, but the command center on the ground,” said the pilot.

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