Russian Ministry of Defense: “Volunteers are involved in protecting Syrian infrastructure”


By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ
13th November, 2015

The Russian Ministry of Defense gave its regular sitrep on Friday 13th (ooo scary). What was said was of the usual informative nature, with one thing in particular being of intrigue and interest. The MoD said:

“After necessary training volunteers are involved in protecting inhabited areas from terrorists,guarding important objects & mainroads. Assistance by the population allows regular units to form reserve forces for future offense on terrorist-held areas”

Now the MoD did not specify what they meant by ‘volunteers’, which leaves open the possibility of them being Syrian and/or Russian. We can all agree that the Caspian Launches were a clear message to NATO and the Pentagon, and the ‘accidental’ blueprint leak of a new nuclear submarine/torpedo combo was also a message. So the question is: Why would the MoD run the story of the ‘volunteers’? Are they Russian spec ops disguised as regular civilians? We know that there are Russian elite forces on the ground, with various news agencies even taking the time to mute footage with Russian being spoken. Most of what the MoD states is in the interest of Russia, so why would some civilians-come-cops make it onto the conference talking points? One can only speculate…

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