Russian officials push for the recognition of Turkey’s Grey Wolves as a terrorist group


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

30th November, 2015


The Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation Andrey Klishas asked the Prosecutor General of Russia Yury Chaika to recognize the Turkish organization “Boz Gourde” (Grey wolves) as terrorists. This was reported by RIA Novosti news Agency.

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According to Klishas, the organization’s activities should be prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation. In his letter, the Senator indicated that on November 28 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a decree to protect national security and protect Russian citizens from criminal and other unlawful acts.

“It seems that the actions of the Turkish leadership are aimed at aiding prohibited groups in the Russian Federation, such as the “Islamic state”, therefore I ask you to consider the possibility to appeal to the Supreme court for recognition of the organization “Boz Gourde”, and ban its activity in the territory of the Russian Federation”, — reads the statement of Klisnas.

In the Turkish media a video was released which said that the Russian pilot, catapulted out of the bomber su-24M in Syria, was killed by a militant from the Turkish ultra-nationalist nationalist organization “Boz Gourde”-  Alpaslan Celik, notes TASS.

The pilot of the downed su-24, Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Peshkov, was killed after ejection. In addition, the soldier Alexander Pozynich, who was involved in the search and rescue operation, was  killed. President Vladimir Putin  awarded the title of hero of Russia posthumously to Peshkov and posthumously awarded Pozynich the order of Courage. The surviving navigator of the downed bomber, Konstantin Murakhtin, was also awarded the order, and promised to “get revenge” for the murdered pilot, asking for permission to return to Khmeimim airbase.

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