Sociopath Media Report – 1st November, 2015


By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

Democratic my A$$

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It’s official guys and gals, Ken Roth has lost his goddamn mind. The KINGS of headchopping and crucification are giving lectures about ‘secularisation’, ‘free’ and ‘fair’. When was the last time Saudi Arabia had an election? Oh yes, never. They sure love funding the ‘moderate’ group Ahrar al-Sham to remove the SECULAR leader Assad, as well as bombing Yemen back into the bronze age. 

As if Ken hadn’t embarrassed himself enough, he came out with this one:

Ken doesn’t understand that the books were prohibited by law as extremist. 

Phantom Menace

The phantom Free Syrian Army is taking the word ‘disgusting’ to a whole new level here. Obama’s ‘moderates ‘thought it would be a great idea to imprison Alawite citizens on rooftops, using them as human shields against the Russian Airforce. We know that this is true because the FSA are declaring the opposite.

Rotor-blade Röpcke just couldn’t resist his Zionist urges:

It would appear that any attempt to report honestly on this barbaric practice is greeted with asinine statements like this one:

Let us now remember the time when a ‘moderate’ rebel ate the heart of a Syrian Soldier:

Russiaphobic Retards

Sociopath Media is not surprised that the Banderite scumbags receiving White House salaries took to the internet to voice glee about the downing of a Russian passenger jet.  Here they propose bombing the embassy instead of laying flowers. What makes the vile comments seem all the more vile, is the fact that 3 Ukrainians also died in the crash.  

This journalist says after Russia’s “vicious” attacks in Syria yesterday he celebrates the death of any Russian military/civilian:

The Bastard from Brookings 

Just in case anyone needed confirmation that Mr “moderates are good” Charles Lister is a Qatar shill who is paid by the State Department to spread disinformation, take a look at what his employers had to say regarding Syria:

Speaking of disinformation, let’s take a look at the latest Blockbuster from the White Helmets gang:

Russia is apparently dropping “poison gas” in Talbiseh… or  this man is playing dead while “medics” drench him in water. Should those ‘medics’ be touching him with bare hands if he has been doused in toxic chemicals? This reminds us of the fake BBC footage of the fake Sarin Gas attack. Fakers gonna fake. 

Coming out the closet

For those who don’t speak Arabic, the gist of what you see below is  London-based & Huffington Post Columnist Bassam Ja’araa welcoming the “liberation of Mheen”, despite the town being taken by ISIS. Now he is either misinformed or well-informed; We will let you be the judge. 

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