Sociopath Media Report – 2nd November, 2015


By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

Wiki Whitewash

Who ever was the mastermind behind this one deserves a Fort Russ badge of honour:

Respect my Authority!

Below is an example of what happens when you ask too many questions about the snipers at the Maidan coup d’etat:

The ‘P’ in Propaganda

Sociopath Media can always be assured that each coming day will provide a more disgusting example than the last of just how low the State Department will stoop to defame Russia: 

But you said…

Here we can see that The Telegraph in January 2015 claimed that only 5% of Syria was held by the ‘moderate’ rebels. The question is: were they lying then, or now?

Dispatch: Syria rebels ‘burned down churches and destroyed Christian graves’

Joshua Landis, an expert on the conflict, estimates that non-Islamist rebels now control less than 5 per cent of Syria, with the rest of the country divided between the regime, Isil or Jabhat al-Nusra


We can say for sure that the claims Russia bombed a Syrian hospital are one hundred percent manure. How can we say that? Because the ‘Syrian opposition’ came out with it. The graphics below show that the Hospital is still intact – so either Russia’s bombs are helium-filled balloons, or it was rebuilt quicker than the Eiffel Tower was constructed. 

But don’t let this stop you, Rotor-blade Röpcke…

Kerry in Cahoots 

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As if Saudi Arabia giving lectures on ‘democracy’ and ‘fairness’ wasn’t comical enough, John Kerry (real name Cohen) is giving out lectures on ‘Human Rights’ now.

“Terrorism is not a legitimate excuse to lock up political opponents, diminish the rights of civil society or pin a false label on activists who are engaged in peaceful dissent,” he said. “Practices of this type are not only unjust but counterproductive; they play directly into the hands of terrorists. When the pathways to nonviolent change are closed, the road to extremism becomes more inviting. Given all the suffering we have witnessed in recent years, that is simply not acceptable.”

Feel free to take a break from reading this report and resume when you are not rolling on the floor laughing.

True Story: Pigs Flied

The fairytale written below is actually not a better love story than Twilight – it is on par because they are both fictional. In saying that, if a Syrian woman thinks bombing children and aiming a Ak-47 at children is attractive,  she is part of the problem. 

Mirror needs a Polish

When the Daily Mirror isn’t printing images of half naked kerb-crawlers and pretending Britain ‘won’ a World War,  they are creating headlines that can only be described as ‘handicapped’. England could be WIPED OUT by a powerful tropical storm – one can hope, right?

The Daily Star is even worse – the lowest of the low in England:

Call a spade a spade

We end with a Bild special: calling Al Qaeda ‘rebels’. It would appear that the alleged perpetrators of 9/11 and various other acts of ‘terror’ (George Bush sucks) are merely ‘rebels’ fighting the ‘Assad regime’. CIA-backed ‘rebels’, ‘moderate’ ‘rebels’, anti-regime ‘rebels’, democratic ‘rebels’. They all spell out the same thing:


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