Sociopath Media Report – 3rd November, 2015


By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

Twisting Spoons

Like all examples on Sociopath Media, they should no longer surprise the reader as to how vile they are, because that is what happens when an empire is on it’s knees. This CNN piece of trash is no different – exemplifying fourth generation warfare by twisting the narrative to suit the US agenda:

Caged and in danger: Syrian soldiers become human shields for rebels

Rebels are caging captured Syrian soldiers and others loyal to the regime and using them as human shields to fend off government attacks, Human Rights Watch and a Syrian opposition group reported.

Let us now look at a picture of the cages:

Do they look like Syrian Soldiers to you? Or do they look like what they are – Alawite women? 


Here is a succession of fresh tweets from the stupid madafaker from New York:

Ken is trying to sell the ‘sectarian war’ story here – even though the war started via EXTERNAL influence.

Here Ken suggests that Russia cannot be trusted to investigate its own tragedy, and must involve USA (or a puppet) somehow.

The above tweet shows Ken finally losing his hot damn mind – it seems that all State Department employees were told to run with this upside-down narrative to distract folk from the hospital bombings.

Jihadi Zuckerberg

Why oh why is Facebook allowing accounts to organise Al-Qaeda circles and discuss, what can be classified as, terrorism, in the very least.

This account is a self-proclaimed Al-Nusra account, a group that the US themselves have ‘identified’ as ‘Terrorists’. State Department orders, right?

Camoron Calling

Well come on David, are you sticking or twisting? The British Media don’t seem to be sure themselves – Cameron is sending jets, Cameron isn’t sending jets… The question that Sociopath Media asks is:

Has the Syrian President invited them, as is required under International Law?

The answer? 


PNAC is soooo 1998

The Daily Beast, featured below, and many other Zionist outlets, will use ANY opportunity they can to sow the seeds of disinformation upon its readership, which the US government is a member of. Suggesting that Chalabi was responsible for 1,000,000 dead Iraqi’s is an absolute lie in the extreme. The plans for the invasion were underway well before 9/11, with Richard Perle and his PNAC cronies planning how to attack Iraq and remove Saddam as early as 1998. Whilst Bush and Blair did the hands-on work, the Israeli dual nationals embedded in the Pentagon gave the commands, with the Oded Yinon plan as the blueprint. 

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Bad Taste

This disgusting cartoon authored by Swiss national ‘Chappatte ‘implies that a Russian Cruise missile was responsible for the downing of the Russian Metrojet flight. Much like Charlie Hebdo, the agenda here seems to be of an agitative nature. 

Winter is coming…

At first glimpse this article would appear to be innocently reporting a joint-exercise which took place between USA and Russia. However, we suspect that the true nature of its publication is to stoke more Cold War fears amongst the nervy-boweled American public. It also serves the purpose of depicting a NATO vs Russia scenario, where according to some papers, Russia is doing its best to setup by “approaching NATO’s borders”.

Banana Republic

According to the Daily Mirror (LOL) the UK is training ‘moderates’ to remove Assad, not fight ISIS. Of course, this isn’t an error on their part, they are for once being honest with its readers. We anticipate that next week they will announce that Gaddafi was removed to create a buffer zone for ISIS, and that USA’s entrance into World War II was to hinder the Russian effort and send an atomic message at the same time.

Russia Today has done an excellent job at standing in the way of the American bullies in the mass media arena. We say this not in a biased manner, but as an objective outfit, seeking for absolute truth. So it is only natural that not only the Hind pilots have a bounty on their heads, but the journalists too. Here we see RT’s Murad Gazdiev, stationed in Latakia, showing us an example of some of the love letters he receives:

This is how you stand up to a bully:

Angel with bloody hands

The Council of Foreign Relations’ publication, ‘Foreign Policy Magazine’, is living on a ‘foreign’ planet as far as we can tell. Here the US is portrayed as the victim, where the reader is supposed to empathise with them. The bespoke definition of insanity is “trying to overthrow governments and expecting the same results”. 


As Gary correctly points out, pathetic wimp Michael Weiss would be an intolerable presence in any room with 4 walls, let alone in a Takfiri barracks. But we suspect the Phantom Syrian Army didn’t mind him being around, since they share the same hobby – bending over for Israel. 

Never EVER forget what McCain did – his time will come.

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