Sociopath Media Report – 4th November, 2015


By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

Dropped on his head at birth

The White Helmets (Al Qaeda) seem to think it is funny that a Russian passenger jet fell out of the sky and crashed in Egypt. Muawiya Hassan Agha can be seen below simultaneously playing his NGO role assigned by the White House and his other role assigned by Israel.

Pinocchio Higgins

Low-IQ armchair-potato Eliot Higgins has the audacity to accuse Russia of lying, when his own employers still cannot produce evidence Saddam had chemical weapons. Here his pathetic article admits that he lied about Russia bombing a hospital but tries to justify the claims by saying he was close.

Elections or GTFO

CBS News and various other Western media outlets keep on insisting that Russia has said Assad’s position in negotiable, despite neither Putin or Lavrov saying such a thing. In what is wishful thinking, the US is so desperate the twist the narrative in a manner than the History Channel would be envious of.

Russia changing stance on backing for Assad?

A Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman said on Tuesday that Moscow does not consider it a matter of principle that Syrian President Bashar Assad should stay in power, seemingly stepping back from its previous position of strong support for him.

This is manipulation at its worst. They have focused on a certain part of what was said in order to twist the narrative so much it’s starting to snap. Let’s look at the part that should have been highlighted :

What we did say is a regime change in Syria could become a local or even regional catastrophe,” she said, adding that “only the Syrian people can decide the president’s fate.”

There is it highlighted in yellow. Russia, Iran and China absolutely will not back down from that demand – a transparent election. 

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‘Moderate’ Terrorism

Top US Middle East diplomat Anne Patterson seemingly can get away with calling the alleged perpetrators of 9/11 ‘moderate’ opposition. Decoding the Newspeak – we of course know that she is referring to Al-Qaeda, the group US setup in the 80’s to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. How even the most socially isolated Americans can be silent with this rebranding of terrorism occurring is anyone’s guess. Moving onto the facts and figures of the article – WTF?!

U.S. says 85-90 percent of Russian strikes hit moderate Syria rebels

Eighty-five to 90 percent of Russian strikes in Syria have hit the moderate Syrian opposition, the top U.S. diplomat for the Middle East told a congressional committee on Wednesday.

It would appear it isn’t just Obama that likes the way a nose full of blow makes him feel. The Russian Ministry of Defence must be ethereally close to actually strapping GoPro’s onto the bombs so that these stupid baseless claims can just disappear from whence they came. 

Turn it Off!

The image below should serve as a warning to anyone as to what happens when you consume too much toxic mainstream media. The Daily Mail and the BBC are the same cancer affecting different parts of the body. We don’t want to be the ones to break it to the subordinate participants in the image below, but the cancer is incurable. 


Judging by this article, the Wall Street Journal is obviously mad at the resumption of Iranian trade globally. AIPAC put a lot of money into lobbying against it, but Obama was determined to do something ‘good’ in the eyes of the global public so that his 2 year tenure isn’t viewed as a total abortion. The opening paragraph of today’s edition of the WSJ implies that Iran is syphoning money into the hands of ISIS, without a single source to back the claim up. 

Subtitle Silliness

What the BBC are saying here is that they were using someone else’s subtitles without giving them any credit.

 Watch Out Below!

According to Western trolls, such as the one below, the Syrian sky is raining MIG’s! Not only does this fool even admit its ‘unconfirmed’, the SAA  have barely been in Morek all week, choosing instead to focus on other villages. 

Moron 0 Morality 1

It would appear that when the media ‘cited’ the UK government as “rubbishing” claims that the airstrike vote was cancelled, they were lying. It might have something to do with the leader of the Labour party, or Camoron realised it would be a total disaster. But either way, there will be no British airstrikes in Syria (for now).

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