Sociopath Media Report – 5th November, 2015


By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

Short walk off a long Pier

Piers Morgan is an obtuse, Murdoch-loving, cheap-for-rent media whore. He has literally no-knowledge in geopolitics, history or in anything other than reading a script. Total Scum. It has not been confirmed ISIS were involved in the jet crash, and what the hell is Obama going to do? Both Morgan and Obama belong in a straight jacket. To make things even worse, this piece of trash was published in the Daily ‘Kiss the Queen’s ass’ Mail. Burn the world.

ISIS are medieval barbarians but by bombing a passenger jet they have evolved into very modern monsters – deal with them now, Mr Obama, before they nuke a U.S. city

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Freaking Stupid Assumptions

This map is not only fictional rubbish promoted by Jihadi Julian Röpcke, but it also shows how desperate the White House is to conceal just who they are sponsoring. We have the following faux-groups:

  • Free Syrian Army (FSA)
  • Knights of Justice Brigade (FSA)
  • Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki
  • Jaish al-Fatah
  • Faylaq Al-Sham

They are all on the Israeli-Saudi-Turkish-USA payroll. 

Jihadi Julian is probably the phantom FSA’s biggest cheerleader:

Je Suis Stupide

Charlie Hebdo, after mocking the refugees washing up ashore in Greece, are now mocking the Russian plane crash. It translates as “Russia’s Aviation intensifies its bombardments”.

This cartoon says: “The dangers of Russia’s low-cost [flights]” . We at Sociopath Media think it’s funny that the French Government, an ISIS ally, is receiving blowback from tagging along with the Russia sanctions. 

Rumble in the Jungle

This piece features on Sociopath Media for different reasons than usual. George HW Bush pulls no punches here – describing Cheney as an “iron-ass” and Rumsfeld as “arrogant”. We think he is being kind really; we would use much more ‘colourful ‘language. Bush Jr, Rumsfeld and Cheney are of course the architects of the post 9/11 events, but Bush Sr was the architect of the first gulf war. To see them exchanging blows is a pleasure to behold. 

George H.W. Bush Tears Into Cheney and Rumsfeld

Orwell Agency

Here we can see that the National Surveillance Agency writing articles and forwarding them for the pant-pooper community. Russia does right to block access to toxic western websites, much likes China does. 


Hardcore neocon Condo Rice just couldn’t resist shoving her beak in where it does not belong:

“He has decided that he will find a way to avenge what he considers the greatest tragedy of the 20th century, which is the collapse of the Soviet Union,” said Rice, who served under President George W. Bush and was a diplomatic adviser to his father during the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Putin Thinks He’s ‘Vladimir the Great,’ Condoleezza Rice Says

Russia already got revenge for the collapse of the Soviet Union when it launched the BRICS project, leaving the IMF and Dollar in a critical condition. Condo goes on:

“He doesn’t want disorder and so he believes stabilizing Assad will stabilize Russian influence” but “let’s not assume that he has the same definition of order that we do either,” she said. “Partition of Syria, control a third of it call that Syria — why not? So our idea of stability and his are not the same.” 

Absolutely clueless – which is a requirement for the job of course.


This individual should definitely visit a psycho-therapist – lying about rape is extremely disturbing. Hezbollah are fighting AGAINST the very forces that commit war crimes, and stand for the very principles that the peaceful Eurasian leaders fight for.

#Bellingcrap GO HOME!

Here it is Folks! Reuters confirms for us what we already knew 4 years ago: the Sarin Gas ‘attack’ was a false flag. Eliot Higgins, Ken Roth and all the Zionist sadists should now be flogged in public in the freezing cold western winter. The BBC were caught out too don’t forget faking footage – but they still have the audacity to accuse Russia Today of being ‘biased’. Sit down and shut up!

Chemical weapons used by rebels in Syria: sources

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