Sociopath Media Report – 6th November, 2015


By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

No Proof (yet again)

We start this report with an absolute moron. How many times do the Russian Ministry of Defence need to say it before these Takfiri keyboard bashers get it? The airstrikes are coordinated specifically so that they do that endanger civilians. No proof has surfaced for any of the ‘civilian death’ claims (lies) to date.

Dutch Courage

Isn’t it ironic that a dutchman is criticising Russia over their conduct regarding MH17. Why were the black boxes recovered and then kept in hiding in Britain? Why was the Dutch report such a whitewash, concealing key facts clearing the NAF of any wrongdoing? The answers are NATO,NATO and NATO.

Moderate with a Mic

One should not be fooled by Mr Fares’ lies – he is a die hard Ahrar al-Sham supporter, self-proclaimed in fact. Nevertheless, he gets an opportunity to speak at the Atlantic  Council, a pro-US/pro-NATO NGO. 

We would like to know why Ken won’t attack Saudi Arabia for their ‘Human Rights’ violations – they are head of the UN Council for Human Rights after all. The answer is most likely because Ridyah and Washington are butt-buddies. 


The London banker rag Financial Times wins the award for deviant headline of the week, by implying Russia was responsible for the 7K9268 airliner crash. A quick check of her LinkedIn profile reveals this:

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As we can see, her background in Geopolitical analysis is very impressive. 

Colour Revolution Retards

In Moscow these pieces of trash decided to visit the plane crash memorial in Moscow:

No-one will notice

Reuters thought no one would notice a post-publication edit regarding the article Sociopath Media wrote about on the 5th November. We suspect the State Department gave them a call and demanded the edit, shifting the blame onto something very vague, as opposed to Obama’s goons. 

Vote me for WW3

This video is comedy gold – it is obvious Lindsay Graham just wants to bomb Russia:

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We wonder What is happening in Syria, see for your self
Posted by Abdulraouf Alkhawaldeh on Thursday, October 29, 2015

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