Sociopath Media Report – 7th November, 2015


By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

Colour me surprised

The White Helmets, useful idiot accomplices in the Sarin Gas hoax, are now releasing colouring books for children. In terms of brainwashing, this is a powerful medium; ask yourself what colour the sun is, you will most likely say yellow. The sun is in fact white, but you know it as yellow due to A) brainwashing as a child, and B) paper being white and thus the sun wont stand out if drawn in that colour.

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Teletubby Higgins

The fat pie-eating slob from England has been subject to parody for a long time, as can be seen from this tweet:

Proof of my Stupidity

Rami al-Lolah, a new face on Sociopath Media, shows us his attempt at the “Russia is killing civilians” fairytale. The short video and photos could literally be from anywhere on Planet Earth, and only proves how much of a mentally ill ape he is.

Fifth Column

Will Stevens works in Moscow, lives in Moscow, but seemingly doesn’t understand that Russia is not the Soviet Union. Working in the US embassy in Moscow should tell you all you need to know about this Military-Industrial bootlicker.


“EU Mythbusters” is an absolute facepalm of an account, and features in the Zionist rag ‘The Times’. We will be sure to keep watch on this account in the future as it seems to be a rib tickler.


This book placement in Norway was almost certainly deliberate. Despite the things that Hitler did, the only thing he and Putin have in common is that they posed a threat to Anglo-Hegemony.

German Goofball

Art Wendeley is a nutcase in Germany on the State Department payroll. With this tweet he calls for the death of Syrian Soldiers. We suggest he takes a fork and places it into an electrical outlet.

Type first, think later

The SNC shows here why it is a western disinfo outfit by reporting that the “rebels” took Morek, when in fact Jund al-Aqsa, ISIS allies, captured the city. On the subject of Morek – it is cat and mouse at the moment between the SAA and Obama’s terrorists, with areas being captured, lost and recaptured frequently.

And according to this moron – the SNC report shows “Putin’s Intervention is Collapsing”. Stay off the booze mate.

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