Sociopath Media Report – Fresh Donbass Escalations


By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ
8th November, 2015

(Sociopath Media is now using a new format to ensure that both the information wars in Syria and Donbass receive the coverage that they greatly need)

Escalation in Donbass

Well it seems that the Ukrainian army wish to replicate what they did 12 months ago, using GRAD to shell Donetsk and Lugansk, whilst the hooligan Euromaiden media blame the NAF for their supposed “boomerang aiming”.

Despite the Ukrainian military claiming that they have withdrawn all weapons under 100mm calibre, we suspect this is a fat lie. The DPR say that the UAF is moving all the american toys back to the frontline, shredding the trilateral agreement to pieces. The DPR has also recently reported that the actual death toll for the Ukrainian Army is close to 24,000, which is much more than previous estimations thought.

Ukrainian forces return heavy artillery to contact line in Donbas — DPR defense ministry

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According to various sources on VK, the Russian equivalent of Facebook, the Ukrops moved artillery from Kharkov to Lisichansk, and are even bragging about reclaiming 300m² of land. Residential areas of Donetsk were also shelled, with each day presenting more ceasefire violations.

Who is this clown kidding?! The video clearly showed the Azov Battalion nailing him to a cross, dousing him in petrol, and setting him alight. Whether he was “Russian” or not is another story, as one can be born in Ukraine but be ethnically Russian.  

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