Sociopath Media Report – Proxy heads of the same CIA Dragon


By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

21st November, 2015

The purpose of this report is to give the reader a weapon to use against the ‘moderates are the good guys’ kooks who have naively fallen for the State Department Psychological Operation. This report is only the dipping of the toes into the lake. Those who have studied the conflict’s intricacies can upgrade this weapon considerably:

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Let us begin.

Here is a video, uploaded on the 20th November 2015, featuring Saudi Sheikh Moheysni. In the video, at the 1:28 mark, he states that the Free Syrian Army (FSA), Al Nusra (Al Qaeda in Syria) and Ahrar al Sham (Qatar’s mercenaries) are one, or to be more blunt about it – they are heads of the same dragon. After he makes this declaration, Moheysni then gives a gift of a pistol to the FSA ‘soldier’ known as the “Tow Lion”. At this juncture it is of paramount importance to know that Moheysni is also the head religious judge of Jaish al-Fath (another Gulf-sponsored group) and is a member of Al Nusra. 

[Edit: What a surprise, YouTube pulled the video. Here is some of the video which sadly misses out what he says by about 5 seconds]

Here is Moheysni with his Al-Nusra child soldiers : 

We can tie Moheysni to the Free Syrian Army (the phantom group used to smuggle western weapons to ISIS) very easily. In the photo below, he is stood beside Hadi Alabdallah, who is the ‘official’ reporter for the FSA.

Here are his pages: 

Website –

Twitter –

Facebook –

So to summarise what we have so far: 

A member of Al Nusra is openly linking Jaish al-Fath, Ahrar al Sham, FSA and his group, Al Nusra (Al Qaeda). 

As if that wasn’t enough, there are many many examples of photos available on the internet showing members from all these factions behaving like what they are: Brothers. Here are a couple of said examples: 

And of course, we have the State Department goons in Kafranbel keeping up the ‘Syrian Revolution’ pseudo-movement charade, where Hadi Alabdallah can be seen in today’s snapshot:

We also have the link between Mouaz Moustafa (wearing the ‘dive’ shirt below) and John McCain/State Department, which ties ISIS to the FSA and the U.S.

And now, let us not forget the role of Western Europe in this embarrassing attempt at a soap opera:

We can tie ISIS to the Putsch thugs in Ukraine too, who recently got caught smuggling MANPADS to ISIS via Kuwait: 

We know of course that they are funded by the U.S, who recently voted ‘NO’ to the UN resolution condemning neo-Nazism.

The key thing to understand is that in Fourth Generational Warfare, what is seen to be ‘true’ and ‘false’ changes more often that one changes their underwear. Language is manipulated to steer narratives in one direction, with the option later down the line to conduct 180° and even 270° spins. The U.S goal of removing Assad cannot be seen to represent the star spangled banner in any way or form, so to do this they replicate what they did in Nicaragua, where they used the Contras (proxies) to fulfil their objectives. Now what if Russia is doing the same thing? What if the very vague ‘group’ called the FSA was in fact now Russian? Fort Russ will present this viewpoint in the not-to-distant future. But as a reminder of the scale of obfuscation going on here, take a look at the diagram below, which shows only some of the Shia groups fighting in Syria:

There are lots, right? Now one can see how easy it was for U.S to stir the sectarian pot in Syria, which has Alawites, Sunnis & Shia’s all living together. But who ultimately benefits from this? Not America, that’s for sure. The Military-Industrial Complex is making money, yes, but is it in their interest to damage ties with regional giants like Iran? Is it beneficial for them to see S300’s/S400’s in the Middle East? Of course not, so the question then is who exactly does all this benefit? Who wants to see chaos from the Nile to the Euphrates? Why Scooby, I think we have him! Lets take off the mask…

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