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By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

12th November, 2015

Since the Syrian Arab Army ended the Takfiri siege on Kiweires Airbase, the State Department cyber sock puppets have been VERY quiet indeed, not even attempting to twist the story. The following two muppets are not State Department we don’t think; we think they genuinely have a sub-zoology IQ. Sociopath Media is ashamed to present Daniel Wickham (DW) and Ben Allinson-Davies (BA-D), both residing in the Saudi banana republic of the UK. Of course, they naturally have an advantage from their bedrooms in terms of military experience, knowledge and what it is like to live in Syria, or the Middle East in general.

Here is Justin Bieber (DW):

Here is young Michael Myers (BA-D):

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These pre-pubescent beta males can only get away with the excrement they type because they are hiding in a dungeon on state handouts. Let us now take a look at some of the drivel being typed after the airbase was captured:

HAHAHAHAHA! Cool Story Bro – Tell us more!

If, at the age of 22, you find yourself living in your parents basement, and you think you are a Zionist – you should probably swallow a grenade.

We’re still waiting for evidence of the Sarin Gas attack jackass!

I’m back! I’m also sorry for nor being on here. Some Turkish security force members (including pro-Assad Alawites from…
Posted by Ben Davies on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

No expense was spared in mocking the two ladyboys:

These confused liberal faux-jihadis really need a kilogram of Prozac to wake them up from their BBC-nurtured abyss. Their sad little posts on the internet haven’t stopped the SAA from annihilating Daesh all over Syria, and when they are sat in their wheelchairs in old age, they can reflect on the miserable pathetic life they chose to lead. Time to turn the Xbox off we think.

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