SU-27 & SU-30 to be deployed to Latakia


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

26th November, 2015

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Yesterday, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu outlined the measures of the military response of Russia to the incident with the front-line bomber su-24 being shot down by the Turkish F-16 on the border with Syria. In the near future, at the Khmeimim airbase, the anti-aircraft missile system S-400 “Triumph”  will deploy, and all actions of airstrike aircraft as part of operation “Retribution” will be carried out under the cover of fighter planes su-27 and su-30CM. According to “Kommersant”, the General staff is considering the possibility of increasing the Russian air group in Syria for another 10-12 planes.

The plans of the military department were said at the board meeting on the development of videoconferencing by Sergei Shoigu . The missile cruiser “Moskva”, carrying out service as part of the Mediterranean grouping of the Navy, will be relocated to the area of the coastal area of Latakia. The Minister stressed that the ship is ready to destroy “any air target, representing a potential threat to our aircraft” with the help of “Fort”. 

In Khmeimim, the newest s-400 “Triumph” will be posted. As a source in the General staff revealed, it was originally planned to deploy in Syria several more divisions of the system than the old type (for example, P-PS or LGU), however, the military invited Vladimir Putin to use s-400, because then the opportunity arose for the first time to test it in real conditions. According to the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, the head of state agreed to this proposal. Assistant to the President on military-technical cooperation, Vladimir Kozhin, stressed that the system will not be sold to the Syrian military, and at the end of the operation “Retribution” S400 will be returned to the place of permanent deployment.

Russian bombers will conduct combat missions exclusively under the cover of fighter planes.

In summary, the Russian air group in Khmeimim will be: su-25CM (12 planes), front-line bomber su-24M and su-34 (12 planes), the su-27 and su-30CM (four planes). Also at the disposal of military are 12 Mi-24 attack helicopters and three multi-purpose Mi-8 (there were originally four, but one was destroyed by terrorists during the evacuation of the Pilot of the downed su-24M). According to a Kommersant source in operative bodies of military administration, before the incident, the Russian bomber airplanes flew without any cover because the potential danger was not present. Intelligence didn’t exist of terrorists, “Islamic state”, having MANPADS, and no one seriously considered the threat of attack by aircraft of a coalition headed by the USA. Now each of the 24 front-line bombers is to fly in support of the fighter. According to the interlocutor of Kommersant, in this regard, the General staff is considering increasing fighter aircraft on Khmeimim for another 10-12 planes, each of the su-24M and su-34 will work on objectives in a pair with su-27 or su-30.

Yesterday, Deputy defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said that the next conference on international security Department plans is to be held in Moscow on 27-28 April 2016. The same theme, as previously reported by “Kommersant”, will be key in the presidential address to the Federal Assembly, which is expected to take place on 3 December in the Kremlin.

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