Syria: US supplies “selected rebels’ with weapons capable of shooting down airliners!


ISIS in Tikrit showing off MANPADS. Photo from Asian Defense News.

The US is treating Russia as if it were Honduras or Grenada. Their degree of insanity is without limit. The urgency for France is to leave NATO.

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Hildegard von Hessen am Rhein
In Boulevard Voltaire, November 12, 2015

Translated from French by Tom Winter, November 19, 2015

In the context of the attack on the Russian airliner, in which 224 passengers perished over the Sinai, we learn from the Wall Street Journal that the CIA is encouraging the Saudis and the Turks to gear up “select Syrian rebels” as it says, with equipment capable of shooting down an airliner.

This news has been passed on by the Russian English language site Vestnik. One has to wonder how John Kerry can look Sergei Lavrov in the eye any more during the peace negotiations in Vienna!

 A video  published by ISIS, since withdrawn, showed five men blessing their Egyptian “brothers” for their achievement! A recurring question presents itself: These “militants” — were they really able to shoot down the airplane? Since the Pentagon is deploying troops in Syria, Washington supports the delivery of arms to the “moderate” anti-regime forces. through Saudi and Turkish intermediaries!

What’s unbelievable is that the arms are defense systems that you can carry on your shoulder, capable of shooting down airliners, called MANPADS [ManPortableAirDefenseSystems]. 

But don’t worry, these weapons will just be in the hands of “select rebels” to take the ground and thus challenge the intervention of Russia, as well as Iran, allies of Bashad. This despite the public statements of Obama not to inflame any Russo-american conflict.

For all that, what’s crazy is that the CIA, with her big outsized liars, in order to deny its turpitude, declares: “maybe these were old MANPADS that were smuggled Syria through channels not controlled by the CIA” But it is during the last weeks, when Russian actions intensified, that the CIA and its partners have equipped “select rebels” in northern Syria, with arms that include TOW anti-tank missiles.

Frosting on the cake of American absurdity, is that Washington, so that no 747 gets hit by accident, will “assure that the weapons have special software so they can be used only in certain areas.” Apparently it is not enough for the Americans to deliver anti-tank missiles to the rebels who fire on soldiers sustained by Iran, but even, with Saudi Arabia, they provide these same rebels with the firepower capable of shooting down airplanes. 

In the optimal cases, Russian fighter planes, in the worst case, should the weapons “fall into the wrong hands,” they could be used to drop airliners. And, if the western media report these dealings, when they do, it’s with a good conscience, blind to the consequences, which consequences would fatally lead to a world war, even an atomic war, as Noam Chomsky aptly prophesied some months back — Chomsky, the declared foe of the go-to-war Wolfowitz Doctrine. 

The US is treating Russia as if it were Honduras or Grenada. Their degree of insanity is without limit. The urgency for France is to leave NATO.

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