Syrian military take revenge on Turkoman militias for Russian comrades (Graphic)


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

25th November, 2015

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For eight hours the Syrian army waged incessant shelling on the positions of militants of the Turkomans in the mountains of Latakia. A flurry of barrelled artillery and a jet system of volley fire covered the area in Jabal Turkman, where entrenched terrorists resided.

They brutally killed Oleg Peshkov – a pilot of the Russian su-24 plane shot down over Syria. Then the crew ejected, but Turkomen shot Peshkov from the ground until he landed. The second pilot, Navigator Konstantin Murakhtin, once he landed on the territory seized by terrorists, he spent a few hours hiding from terrorists looking for him, after which he was rescued and taken to the Russian base in Latakia. However, during the rescue operation, another Russian soldier killed: marine Alexander Pozynich. The ‘moderates’ fired at the Mi-8 helicopter with the Russian special forces hurrying to the aid of the crew of the downed su-24.

As reports “Russian spring”, the terrorists themselves published on the network a panic message about the shelling by “scary weapons”.

[Enclosed are the results of the Syrian and Russian effort to teach the Turkish proxies a lesson]

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