‘Syrian rebels’ waiting on the ground to kill Russian pilots were commanded by a Turkish citizen from “Grey Wolves”

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From Russian blogger ntv. Editing/commentary by Tatzhit. November 27th, 2015

NTV: I’m going to reveal some details about the snackbars who shot the Russian pilots parachuting from the [ambushed] jet. Here they are, showing their bounty to Reuters journalists –

Mass media called them ‘Syrian Turkmen’, but it’s not exactly true. In the middle, you can see their leader. As he himself acknowledged, he and his ‘brave’ fighters shot the landing Russian pilot.

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[By the way, shooting a person escaping a downed plane is against the Geneva convention. Of course, those ‘Turkmen’ didn’t sign it, but ignoring it leaves them open to some creative payback. But…let’s return to our main subject.]

Pay attention to our culprit, in the red circle:

[As Stalin used to say, ‘Every mistake has a name and a last name’,] and this one is called Alpaslan Celik. And he is not a ‘Syrian Turkman’ at all. He’s a Turk, born in Keban, Elazig province, Turkey. Son of an ex-mayor of that city. As you can see on a map, it isn’t even close to Syrian Turkmen areas.

Right now you can ask ‘Hey, Tima, where’s your proof?’

Here it is! Several Turkish sources wrote, a year ago, about an ex-mayor’s son moving to Iraq in order to “protect Turkmen” there. He has changed his family name since then, but you can see that the face is the same. I give my proofs via google translator, but you can check the Turkish original sources:

Another article about his crusade into Iraq, but with more photos:

Let us compare the faces. Yep, we see the same man:

More proof can be found in the Twitter account of his terrorist cell, here:

Now, it’s time for the final twist in that story. Did you notice anything strange about the the photo of our culprit standing among armed dudes in front of a blue flag? This one:

You may wonder…what’s that hand gesture they’re showing? It’s not a typical snackbar ‘index finger wave’. Here is the same gesture in Alpaslan’s photos posted on Twitter:

That flag and gesture belong to the Turkish Bozkurtlar‘ (Grey Wolves‘, check the wikipedia article) – a Turkish neofascist organization.

Wiki says that they are the most radical wing of Turkish ultranationalists, adhering to the ideology of Pan-Turkism and neo-fascism. They’ve participated in political violence as part of the international anti-communism system Gladio‘. In the past, they were implicated in hundreds of murders of ethnic minorities, as well as several major assassinations and acts of terrorism, including an attempt to kill Pope John Paul II, and a couple hundred of them also came to Russia to fight on the side of the Chechen terrorists. These days, their actions are mainly directed against Kurds and other ethic and religious minorities within Turkey.

And here is the Gray Wolves gesture on wiki [*note that the information about Grey Wolves/SU24 shootdown connection has already been added to Wikipedia, but not yet picked up by any Western MSM]:

So, what can we conclude? It wasn’t ‘Syrian Turkmen’ waiting to finish the job after the Turkish F16. [At least, they were led by a Turkish citizen, a member of a Turkish neofascist terrorist organization.

Was this planned? Who knows. Considering that the route Russian planes take to return to base is ostensibly the same and goes closest to Turkish territory in that area, it’s conceivable Turks asked their pet insurgent to be waiting in shootdown area. – ed.]


From the editor:

This also speaks volumes about the true nature of ‘FSA’/’moderate rebels’ in northern Syria, the bombing of which by Russia is lamented so much in Western media.

Of course, ‘FSA’ was always a Western oversimplification for dozens of groups ranging from ‘local militia/mafia’ to ‘army defectors’ to ‘foreign mercenaries’ (the conflict is often oversimplified – in reality, even Kurds are split into half a dozen factions, which sometimes used to fight each other).

However, by now FSA is virtually gone from northern Syria – the large FSA alliance there was destroyed by Al Nusra/Al Qaeda last year, and any remnants joined the islamists.

At this point, ‘FSA’ is simply a misleading label used by largely unconnected groups of terrorists in order to receive foreign weapons and money (remember, these guys also got American TOW missiles that they used to destroy one of the Russian rescue helicopters).

Many/most of these so-called ‘moderate’ rebel groups are at least as bad as ISIS, believe it or not, because they are less dependent on local sources for money and recruits, and are too small to build any sort of ‘caliphate’ – therefore they have far less interest in maintaining order, infrastructure, and good relations with locals.


From the editor #2:

An obvious question here is – ‘What’s the difference between the Turkish ‘moderates’ exposed here, and Strelkov/Motorola/other Russian volunteers fighting in Ukraine? Or, say, Americans during secession of Texas, Garibaldi in Italy, etc.?

Indeed, such conflicts inevitably tend to go the same way (discussed in greater detail here) – as one of my favorite quotes goes “War. War never changes“.

But here’s another one of my favorite quotes: “There’s always an important nuance“.

For starters, in both cases, Russians are fighting on the “legitimate” side against a pro-Western coup attempt that plunged the country into civil war:

The main difference is that in Ukraine, the extremist forces overthrew the elected government (massacring their own men in a false-flag) and took the capital, then proceeded to arrest, disperse, or burn the political protesters from the 50% of the population that, you know, _voted_ the previous government into power.

On the other hand, in Syria the president did not flee when, within the first two weeks of riots, the “peaceful pro-democracy protesters” killed 7 police officers while losing 4 “protesters” (can you imagine such a ratio in, say, USA?) – and the conflict rapidly spiraled into islamists burning government buildings and police stations. So much for the “unprovoked government crackdown” – see further investigation into that myth HERE.

Similarly, another important difference between foreign involvement in Syria and in the Donbass is that many of the groups receiving foreign weapons and mercenaries in Syria are internationally recognized as terrorist organizations, where the Donbass militias are not. Moreover, to my knowledge, they have not committed a single terrorist act.

(Yes, it is not outside the realm of possibility that Donbass militias downed MH17. Targeting a civilian plane instead of an inbound bomber is a tragedy, but far cry from an intentional act of terrorism – last time a US soldier did that exact thing, he got a medal.)

A pertinent example is the Donbass militia’s treatment of downed enemy pilots – when they shot down a nationalist attack helo, they rushed the wounded pilot to a hospital to save his life, then released him without any conditions.


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