Syrian writer: Turkey doesn’t abandon its terrorists

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Ayad Eid Mikhail

November 25, 2015

Nikolay Varsegov

Komsomolskaya Pravda

Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

So says Syrian writer Ayad Eid Mikhail, who was interviewed by our special correspondent. 

We met with Ayad recently, which I already wrote about.

Even then Ayad predicted that Turkey, as a terrorist state, sponsoring bandits, will soon demonstrate its hostility towards Russia, after Russians will greatly ruffle the thug gangs in Syria.

Then, I did not write about it as not to foment discord with then friendly – just a couple of days ago – country. But Ayad was not in any position to assume that Turkey’s strike will be so sneaky and unpredictable.

Yesterday Ayad arrived in Damascus from where he writes he is dumbfounded by such a dirty Turkish provocation. According to Ayad and his friends, the Turkish authorities could not decide on such an abomination without the approval of the U.S. as evidenced by Obama’s statement: “Turkey has the right to defend its airspace”. As if Obama is not aware that the Russian plane did not violate the Turkish airspace. He would not play a fool, if previously he did not give permission to attack Russian planes.

– That is, Ayad, are you sure that the attack on our plane is not accidental, it was prepared?

– Of course! The day before this incident there was a video circulating online showing alleged victims of the bombing by Russian planes in the city of Deraa in the South. Moreover, as we see, on location of provocation there was already a group of militants and cameras, recording the moment of the attack on the plane. I have said it before and will say it again that ISIS terrorists get full support from Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Otherwise they would have long fizzled out. And all traces of terrorism – the downed Russian airliner, the shooting of people in Paris are to be found in those countries. And now we clearly see that Turkey already gave a message to ISIS terrorists that it will not abandon them. It is ready to openly defend them from the Russians.

– Hatred of the Turkish leadership towards Russia is clear. Our military has hit the dirty business of the ruling Turkish elite – oil smuggling. But what’s the U.S. interest in stabbing us in the back, if Russia is killing the bandits, who killed and will kill Americans?

– I think this is revenge on Putin for his visit to Iran. For US and NATO Russia’s rapprochement with Iran is very painful.

– That is, if Russia in this matter listened to the US, Turkey would not dare shoot down a Russian plane?

– Yes. And all of this suggests that the victories of the Russian and Syrian armies are already so effective that they are forcing the enemy to drop the mask and openly defend ISIS terrorists.

Personally I’m not ready to judge how involved the U.S. and NATO are in the attack on our plane are the U.S. and NATO, we don’t have real proof  yet. But I think there is no reason to argue with the opinion of the Syrian writer Ayad and his countrymen.

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