The communiqué from the Elysée that you won’t see


Victor DEDAJ

in  Le Grand Soir, November 14, 2015

Translated from French by Tom Winter, November 15, 2015

Following the tragic events of yesterday, it was decided that France review its strategy and foreign policy.

1) Pondering the support of countries with terrorist movements — whether by creating them for questionable geostrategic purposes, or by funding them, or by complaisance towards them, France will revise its relations with the United States, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Turkey.

2) Considering the active role played by France herself in point 1), the members of successive governments announce their mass resignation and submission to French and international justice, not without first having taken action against political, cultural and media figures who defended and promoted these criminal policies.

3) Considering that five years of western intervention in Syria and 15 years of “terrorism eradication”campaigns achieved less than one month of Russian intervention, France is reviewing its strategic alliances in the fight against terrorism and reconsidering the Russian and other proposals for peace in the Middle East.

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4) Noting the extremely warlike and destructive role of NATO in the last 30 years, France is withdrawing from all departments of that organization and directs the leaders of that organization to criminal examination as responsible for illegal acts of war and crimes against humanity.

5) Recognizing the essential role played by arms dealers in wars, the French state will proceed with the nationalization without compensation and liquidation of all private companies engaged in this sector. A referendum will be submitted to the French people on the future of a possible public sector dedicated exclusively to the defense.

6) Noting (for that matter) that weapons “prohibited”  by international Conventions, are circulating freely and even openly, France will launch international arrest warrants against the management of these enterprises and their supporting staff in Research and Development Services (the argument “I was only following the instructions” or “if we don’t make this stuff, someone else will” are disallowed).

7) Considering that “when our reactions are predictable, we become manipulated,” the Government of France refuses to fall into the snare and retires all the massive surveillance measures and violations of civil liberties, and will engage a real struggle against terrorism in all its forms, wherever it comes from, and against all its sponsors, allies or not (spread the word).

Vive la France (for what’s left of it), long live the Republic (for what it’s worth).

Done at the Elysee Palace, 14 November 2015


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