Head of Chechnya accuses Turkey of aiding Chechen terrorists


November 28, 2015

Ramzan Kadyrov Instagram

President of Chechnya

Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

Assalam alaikum! 

Turkish media and social networks write that Turkey had always helped the Chechen people. They’re trying to blame me that I am against Islam and support the infidels. [So  the Turkish media is reflecting a popular in Turkey view that ISIS is the beacon of Islamic revolution? – KR] I like political correctness, so I have to ask, when, where, and how Turkey helped Chechnya and my people? Show me at least one school, one hospital, one kindergarten, one mosque built as a gift to Chechnya! Name one example! 

Yes, you helped the Wahhabis, the terrorists, collecting money for them. Treated, sheltered Udugov, Umarov, Basayev. They and their accomplices carried out terrorist attacks, killed the Chechen people. Is that your help? 

In the 19th century Turkey tricked tens of thousands of Chechens to move there. Created brutal conditions for them. In five years, more than half perished. Attempts to return home were thwarted by fire.

 Today, Turkey has become a base for recruiting and sending terrorists to Syria. Bandits from around the world go there through Turkey. Only few are detained. Turkey is not fighting ISIS! It does business with it, buys the oil, financing the enemies of Islam, killing thousands of Muslims. 

And more! Who shamefully supported the authors of the cartoons of the Prophet in Paris? I harshly condemned the cursed magazine, gathered more than one million in Grozny who showed a strong protest to the world. Even if the Earth goes up in flames, I will not make a single step against Islam! I am not from that kind of family! I am an enemy of the Wahhabis, the Khawarij, the terrorists. I pledged to fight them for my entire life! And nothing will make me change my mind! 

Russia has almost 30 million Muslims. This is our Fatherland! And the plane downed by Turkey is ours! And the pilot is ours! And you knew that Russia has millions of Muslims, why did you shoot down our plane on the orders of USA and the West, killed our pilot, fighting ISIS, defending Muslims? With your consent and connivance the West destroyed Iraq, Syria, Libya. Now tell me, what are your reasons to accuse me that I am against Islam? I am a defender of Islam! And Turkish authorities help destroy the Islamic peoples and countries! Wake up!

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