The Symbolism in Geopolitics


November 25th, 2015

Stefan Raskovski – Katehon exclusive with Fort Russ – 

The grip of the “power behind the throne” has no mercy either for men or women, children or elders, which are being crushed in their deadly grip. Beginning with the aftermath of the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers on September 11th, 2001 in the United States, the West in Quixotic style, invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, on to the beginning of the Arab Spring and taking us to this very day; the world has faced the illusion of its own security which turns to dust with each passing second, forcing people to live in constant fear of terrorism. The question is, what is this cunning power that can so easily outsmart the security systems of even the most powerful states, and manage to carry out terrorist attacks wherever they wish; and what is their real purpose? The last case that showed that the “King can bleed” was the terrorist attack in the heart of France, Paris, where almost 130 people lost their lives in the most brutal of ways. The French are not the only people who are terrified of terrorists, and are ready to support any policy just to feel safe.

The blood of thousands of innocent people has been spilled as a direct or indirect result of “terrorism” and the continuous battle of the world’s major powers for influence and resources, especially from the end of 2010 and the beginning of the Arab spring, up to the attacks in France. Peace and security in the world in which we live collapsed at that point. This is the landmark between two periods, the first period of preparations of the great powers for the necessary actions which we can see, so far, from 2010 with its relative peace and stability. The second period is the almost certain abyss that is getting closer with each passing day, to which humanity is persistently guided, like sheep to the slaughter. Hundreds of thousands have died in the wars in Ukraine and Syria which undoubtedly are geopolitical scenarios that are part of a larger strategy to establish a New World Order under the directive of the upper one percent of the world population, which consists of the richest elite. Also, the individual “accidents” where innocent people have been sacrificed on the altar of power by the major players using the “remote control” terrorists cannot be excluded from the equation. Individuals with their own lives, dreams, desires are just collateral damage and figure reports, which the geopolitical strategists are submitting to their superiors. 

Certainly there are isolated cases of terrorists acting independently in the frames of minor terrorist cells which are inspired by radicalism, through deep indoctrination. The world is afraid. The bombing in Beirut, a day before the attack in Paris, the massacre of Charlie Hebdo, the bombings in the Turkish cities Ankara, Gaziantep and Suruch, the shattering of the passenger aircraft at the Russian-Ukrainian border, and the Russian plane that crashed in Egypt for which the investigation confirmed was a terrorist attack. These are examples that occurred in less than two years. Even Macedonia wasn’t spared from the attacks, which in 2012 witnessed the merciless massacre in lake Smiljkovci, and the terrorist attack in Kumanovo in 2015. All these events, interpreted through a security angle are de facto attempts to destabilize the individual states and regions, whose common denominator is the geopolitical struggle for power and resources. It is interesting though, the dates when these terrorist attacks occurred, even more so if we have in mind that the “power behind the throne” uses symbolism as confirmed in several cases.

Paris – Friday the 13th

We will start with the last case, the attacks in Paris that happened on “Friday the 13th”. There are a number of explanations behind the symbolism of “Black Friday”. According to some sources, the superstition surrounding the misfortune of this day may have occurred in the Middle Ages, inspired by the story of the last supper of Jesus and his death on Friday. Furthermore this event is associated with bloody night of St. Bartholomew, interestingly, in the religious wars in France when Catholics executed and massacred the Huguenots. Another important historical event that is thought that happened on Friday the 13th was the execution of Jacques de Molay, the last master of the Templar Knights Order who was burned at stake in front of the Notre Dame on the orders of King Philip IV. Once again, this event occurred in France. As follows, there are few other examples that also have symbolic meaning. It is important to note that the other bloody events were committed on dates with certain historical, religious or national importance. In order to get the full picture of the latent intentions and plans of the organizers of the destabilizations, it is necessary to complete the construction; symbolism-region-state-society. Namely, the attacks in France which is a multi-ethnic society were performed by jihadists from the Islamic State. France is waging a war against the Islamic State in the framework of the international coalition. The attacks occurred just before the G20 Summit in Turkey, and one day before the talks in Vienna where the foreign ministers of several world powers discussed the resolution of the conflict in Syria. At the same talks, the parties agreed to draft a new Constitution of Syria which will lead to new elections in 18 months. The attacks in Paris were the main subject of the G20 summit. Satisfying the above criteria – symbolism, history, religion – France is fertile ground for organizing such an attack, that should mobilize Europe in a more fierce fight against Islamic radicalism. This is already happening, as France launched strong air attacks on the positions of the Islamic State. The larger idea is to push the EU to engage with land troops in the civil war in Syria, which will push the world into a new Crusade, because of the eventual intrusion of the Christian Catholic Europe onto Muslim soil in the Middle East. The land invasion should do its work to weaken president Assad’s position as leader of Syria and to push his army to its knees in the period when Syria and the world are going to prepare for the forthcoming elections. The timeframe of 18 months is enough time for maneuvers with which the West would like to secure a better position for the forthcoming elections. We must not forget that public opinion is directed to support such an intervention through the presented information supporting attacks, like with the discovery of Syrian passport on the attacker, which turned out to be fraud. This is done for the West to increase its military presence and domination in the Middle East. This thesis is also confirmed by Obama’s statement at the G-20 where he said that the United States will redouble its efforts in cooperation with other members of the coalition to ensure a peaceful political transition in Syria, to eliminate Daesh (Islamic state) that caused much suffering and pain to the people in Paris, Ankara and other parts of the world. Almost identical in its stance is the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk who said that France is in the vanguard of the fight against terrorism, but this is a fight for all Europeans and the attack is an attack on Europe.

“We must oppose the financing of terrorists. Only if fully cooperating in the field of exchanging information on suspicious transactions, can we effectively prevent this threat. It is not enough in the fight against terrorism to cut the channels of financing, but we should initiate a ground military operation”, said Tusk.

Also, that which casts further doubts about the attacks in Paris is the information that appeared at the secret meeting of the head of the CIA, John Brennan, the head of the French intelligence Bernard Bajolet, the former head of MI6, John Sawers, and National Security Advisor of Israel Jacob Amidror, which took place a few days before the attacks in France. Even more important to be remembered is that recently, NATO has performed the largest military exercise in the last decade in Italy, Portugal and Spain, from the 3rd of October to the 6th of November, which took place in the air, water and land called “Trident juncture” in order to test the readiness to respond in context of the changed security environment and the challenges from the south and east.

– The exercise was conducted under a fictitious scenario that shows a conflict in a fictitious country named Eastern Cerasia, where the one nation invades a smaller neighbor and is threatening to invade yet another country. The results are the struggle for resources and ethnic and religious conflicts. The implications of the scenario are the global influence over maritime navigation, energy security risks, terrorism, and cyber attacks. As a response in this fictitious scenario, the UN Security Council authorizes NATO to help protect the countries under threat and defend freedom of navigation, according to an official statement of NATO.

Charlie Hebdo – Orthodox Christmas

The other attack that has specific symbolism is the massacre in the offices of the satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo”, which preceded the latest terrorist attack in Paris. According to the official story, it was perpetrated by Islamic radicals in Paris on January 7, 2015, the date of the Orthodox Christmas. Again, the terrorist attack occurred in France and it has a clear religious symbolism, in a period when Orthodox Russia is under economic sanctions from the Catholic West. Earlier, in the midst of the Ukrainian crisis, an airplane with European passengers was destroyed on the Russian-Ukrainian border. The investigation showed that the plane was destroyed by a “Buk” rocket, but it was not determined by whom the projectile was fired. The event occurred on July 17, 2014, a few days before the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War 1 (July 28, 1914). After the tragedy, as we remember, the western media immediately accused Russia as responsible for the plane crash. Given the situation in which the plane was destroyed, the war in Ukraine and the new iron curtain between West and East, the symbolism is more than clear.

Egypt – Russian plane destroyed – “Halloween” (ignis fatuus)

Another destroyed plane, for which the investigation showed that in fact was a terrorist attack, was the destruction of the Russian passenger plane in Egypt. The investigation showed that the aircraft was destroyed by terrorists. The same doubts, even before the results of the investigation were expressed by the British Minister of Foreign affairs, Philip Hammond, who said that the bomb may have been set by a man who was inspired by the Islamic State. This terrorist act occurred in the period when Russia was executing air attacks on targets of the Islamic State. The symbolism behind the date of the tragedy which is October 31st is the Catholic celebration of the feast of All Saints, which actually is commemoration of the dead, or popularly called Halloween. This holiday is associated with pagan rituals of the Scottish druids. Also, interesting is the story behind the symbol of Halloween, the scary pumpkin called “Jack lantern”, a name which derives from the Latin ignis fatus, meaning false light. The symbolism of fraud is more than clear. The perpetrators of the attack, according to the official story, were the terrorists of the Islamic state, and in the attacks, Orthodox Christians were killed. Most attacks are carried out by the Islamic State, which according to the information even in the mainstream media, is financed by the West. The latter is reflected even in the statement of Tusk and the Russian President Vladimir Putin, who at the conference said that more countries from G20 finance the Islamic state. This confirms the suspicions that the West is using the Islamic state to destabilize whenever it is necessary, and that the war between the West and the East takes place on a religious basis too. We must not forget that the popular pope Francis said the attack in France signals the Third World War, and given the history of the Catholic Church, that statement should be taken very seriously. Next are the bombings that took place in Turkey, in Ankara, Gaziantep and Suruç. In fact, the attack in Ankara occurred on October 10th, 2015 during protests for Peace and Democracy organized by several organizations and citizens against the growing hostility between the Turkish army and Kurdish Workers Party, 21 day before the parliamentary elections that took place on the 1st of November in Turkey. One of the attackers was indentified that he was the brother of the attacker in Suruch, both affiliated with the Islamic State. The attack in Gaziantep was executed on the 20th of August, 2012 on the second day of the Muslim holiday Ramadan, while the Suruç attacks occurred on July 20th at the protest of the Socialist Party for the oppressed and university students which intended to contribute to the rebuilding of the Syrian city Kobane, where heavy fighting took place several months before, against the Islamic State. These attacks occurred in the wake of the Syrian crisis.

Smiljkovsko Lake – Holy Thursday

Macedonia was also not excluded from the terrorist attacks. The first terrorist attack in a period marked by strained inter-ethnic tensions in the country, ahead of the EU summit, was a massacre at Smiljkovsko Lake in 2012, when five high school students and a fisherman were cruelly killed. The event took place at one of the biggest Orthodox holidays, Great Thursday, the preparatory celebration for the greatest Christian holiday of Easter. Having in mind that the perpetrators of the terrorist act were radical Muslims, suspicions are more than high that in fact it was a planned scenario which had the aim of destabilizing Macedonia and fueling interethnic tensions.

Terrorist attack in Kumanovo – May 9th, Victory Day

The second terrorist attack occurred in Kumanovo, in which eight Macedonian policeman were killed and, fortunately, the terrorist group which came from Kosovo was destroyed. That happened in period in which Macedonia was going through major political turmoil, the publication of wiretapped conversations of opposition leader Zoran Zaev, the emergence of the plenums and the six ambassadors that demanded changes in the internal politics of a sovereign state, the protests that had elements of violence, peppered with reports of “Canvas” which was present in several countries that were victims of “colored revolutions” Also, the event happened in a period of great geopolitical developments that have put the region in a difficult situation and the refugee crisis, that has biblical dimensions, and which, according to some theories, is used for realization of the project “Green Transversal”.

Do not forget, the Olympic Hall in multiethnic Bosnia and Herzegovina is just called “Zetra”, which is a short synonym for the before mentioned syntagma. The event however, occurred on May 9th, just as Russia celebrated the Victory Day, the biggest national holiday, and all this in a period in which the Balkans renewed the idea of the “Turkish stream”, and the announcement of China’s railroad which should connect Budapest, Belgrade, Skopje and Athens.

We can see that all these events have their own connections in geopolitics, and the struggle for power and resources of the great powers for which the human lives are just figures in terms of achieving the ultimate goal: global dominance. In recent years, the world as we mentioned, has become one big powder keg which is waiting to explode. Crisis hotspots continue to shake the important geopolitical regions, and meanwhile, thousands of innocent people are losing their lives. The symbolism behind the dates of the attempts at destabilization are actually a hidden message about the true intentions of the moves, aimed at their opponents on the world stage. That is done in order to send a clear message about their intentions to the political opponent, to demonstrate power and cause fear and in that way, to cause the opponent, who is defying political force, to step back. The tool of fear is aimed at the citizens mostly to keep them controlled and submissive. It’s about operations called “false flag” that should frighten people that in the name of security, they may unwittingly support the neo-colonial policies of the West in the framework of a geopolitical strategy “Anaconda”, which is in the interest of only a few truly powerful individuals. The ultimate goal however is that by forcing people to live in a constant fear of terrorism, it forces them to give up their freedoms in the name of security, which will result in gradually achieving the globalist agenda of the “soft” dictatorship of liberalism.

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