They’re making a desert to call it Ukraine: Russian blogger read the policy from the deeds


Natalya Starokozhko
in PolitNavigator, June 30, 2014*

Original headline: Natalia Starokozhko: “Donbass will be Ukraine, or a Desert?”

Natalia Starokozhko, blogger, is engaged in the delivery of humanitarian aid to residents of Donbass. 

The longer the confrontation between supporters of the Donbass People’s Republic and the official Kiev continues, the more clearly emerges one simple thought: Donbass is useful without the population. People simply are not wanted. What’s needed: the territory. Desert Donbass will provide an opportunity to placidly develop the mines to the hilt, without any concern over the smoking heaps, with no distractions of industrial modernization, and then to get busy fracking out the shale gas. 

And, of course, no worries over pensioners, large families or any other socially disadvantaged sections of the population. The fewer people, the more oxygen and the less expense. No wonder the ex-Defense Minister Anatoly Gritsenko voiced the idea in that infamous talk show: whoever dislikes the government and policy of Kiev, can just leave for Russia. 

Apparently, those slogans “Donbass is Ukraine” and “One Country” in our times mean “pack up and get out.” Forced eviction will be the next step, or perhaps sterilization of dissenters.

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Yes, and driving them out will mean not so many people. There is no more insulin anywhere in Donbass. The Government’s program for children with juvenile arthritis, has been closed. Drugs that are needed for victims of Ukrainian ATO, can not be bought in pharmacies … All of it is aimed at reducing the population. The strongest will survive. Sad illustration of evolution, is it not?

In Kramatorsk, Slavyansk and environs, there is no electricity, no water, and people now for three months have not gotten social benefits, because Kiev cut off the region’s funding “for security reasons”. The question arises: whose security? Their own? From the anger of people still left in the Donetsk region, who are without food or water, so they won’t be able to march on the capital?

The Ukrainian army destroyed agricultural fields with armored vehicles. The government left the graduates without the standard external qualifying testing. The life of millions has been destroyed. Presidential elections took place without any account of the region and its votes. And it absolutely does not bother anyone. The main thing is that the associate membership agreement was signed. It is exactly what Europe should look like the 21st century: Humanitarian disaster, gay parades, freedom of speech — under the watchful eye of punishers.

Fortunately, while there are volunteers, people retain some hope. Hope for life, that children can go to a safe area, out in the yard without getting hit by stray bullets or shrapnel from mortar fire. Hope for an injection on time, hope for medical care … and we will work as long as people need attention and care. The time has come when society can not remain indifferent and disengaged: only together can we survive. 

But for Kiev and the new government, it’s time to put on your pants or remove the cross. Either let Donbass go, and recognize its independence, or perform functions of the state to the fullest.
*I found this while searching out background for Mosiychuk’s November 22 declaration that Crimea will either be Ukrainian or depopulated. Starokozhko’s article is dated “June 30”; I put the date at 2014 from the pension cut-off mentioned “for three months,” and the reference to the presidential election. So yes, it is old, but all of the implications are current right now. Of course, “Ukraine or a Desert” is backward: depopulated, then Ukraine, is meant.  
For more setting and background, see the Reuters item of June 20, 1914 —Tr.

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