Ukrainian army brigade is preparing a coup in Kiev


November 6, 2015

Translated by Kristina Rus

Brigade of the Armed forces of Ukraine is preparing a coup in Kiev

 72nd OMBR is sending cannons to Kiev, demanding the nomination of Gennady Korban to Ukrainian president, reported the press service of LPR with reference to its sources in the 72nd Separate mechanized brigade (72 OMBR) of the Armed forces of Ukraine. 

“Soldiers of the 72 OMBR who have deserted from their places of permanent deployment are gathering in Kiev to hold a rally against Poroshenko and his officials. Among the demands of the military to Kiev authorities is to pay all the back payments and release the curator of the crew of the oligarch, [Kolomoysky] Gennady Korban. Otherwise, the military is ready for radical actions, including the overthrow of the Kiev authorities. The rally is planned on November 8 at the building of the Verkhovna Rada in Kiev”, — stated in the LPR report.

The reason for this decision was the dissatisfaction of the military with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, as well as the arrest of the head of the party “Ukrop,” Gennady Korban [Kolomoysky’s right hand – FR].

 “He (Korban — ed.) personally gave financial assistance to officers and soldiers of the 72nd separate mechanized brigade, allocated no less than EUR 50 000 from his own pocket, resulting in the command staff and Korban developing not only a business relationship, but also a strong friendship. And now, knowing this, Igor Kolomoisky promised in the event of a march on Kiev to give the brigade commander of the 72nd mechanized brigade the office of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, clarifying that in any case, Gennady Korban will be the president of the country,” – reports the press service of LPR. 

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