Ukrainian artilleryman: “I bomb Donbass, but don’t want to know where it lands so I can sleep well at night” (video)


November 4, 2015

Mariupol Storm Youtube channel

(from a Ukrainian news report)

Translated by Kristina Rus 

Dmitry used to fight at Ilovaisk, after he served in Lugansk region. Now Dmitry is on vacation, helps train the mobilized, but in a few days he will return to the ATO zone with his unit. He says, the hardest thing about working with artillery is realizing that there are someone’s lives behind the coordinates.

Dmitry: “I am not eager to know where I shoot. I would simply like to sleep well at night (or not at night, whenever I can), not knowing if God forbid I hit a school, as they said, or somewhere else”


KR: Dear Dmitry, Lugansk could not begin the school year on September 1, 2014, because half the schools have been destroyed. This is for you from Lugansk. The people on the receiving end will never sleep again.

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