Ukrainian nationalist leader: “ISIS is our ally in the struggle against Russia”



November 17, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Olga Talova

Kristina Rus: It is only logical that Ukrainian ultra-nationalists who took the side of Chechen terrorists and fought against Russia during the Chechen wars would sympathize with ISIS, for which many of their former brother-in-arms are fighting. 

A Ukrainian nationalist, leader of the “Brotherhood,” Dmitry Korchinsky proposed to offer asylum to ISIS terrorists in Kiev, the former head of UNA-UNSO [Ukrainian National Assembly – Ukrainian People’s Self-defense] wrote on his social network page. According to Korchinsky, SBU must see ISIS as “allies in the struggle with Russia.”

“At the G20 summit leaders of Western countries were talking to the Moscow terrorist, like he’s a human, asking him to bomb ISIS positions. That is, their attitude towards the terrorists is pragmatic.

Ukrainian security services also have to be pragmatic, and therefore, effective. It is not our business to arrest the enemies of Moscow – Islamists. We should only ask them to shoot accurately at Moscow’s terrorists in the Caucasus and in Syria.

Unfortunately, security service sometimes arrests or deports recruiters-Caucasians who come from Syria to Moscovia [Russia] for their association with ISIS. It is not wise.

Why should Ukraine quarrel with Islam?

Mrs. Gitlyanskaya, the press secretary of the SBU regularly reports about the progress of the SBU in the fight against “terrorist organization Al-Nusra Front”, instead of targeting Moscow agents.

Why should Ukraine worry about the revolution of the poor in the Islamic World? Why should we pick a side of the barricades? At the moment, the oppressed peoples of the former Soviet Empire, and the proletarian peoples of the Near and Middle East are our only viable allies in the war against Moscow imperialism. We must act in accordance with our own interests.

“Anyone who fights for the liberation of his people from the imperialist yoke of Moscow should have the right to asylum in Kiev,” – said Korchinskiy.

KR: Korchinsky took an active part in Maidan violence, suspected in provocation against law enforcement. He joined the scandalous volunteer battalion Shahktersk (implicated in crimes against civilian population) during Kiev’s military operation in Donbass. “Brotherhood” organization is classified as extremist and banned in Russia. Korchinsky is wanted in Russia for his role in the Chechen war and hate propaganda. (Wiki)

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