Ukrainian PM: “Ukraine’s mission is collapse of Putin’s Moscovia”


Anna Gopko

November 2, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

The chief for foreign affairs in Ukrainian parliament: “The mission of Ukraine is “the collapse of Putin’s Moscovia”

The mission of Ukraine is “the collapse of Putin’s Moscovia”, said on air on Kiev TV channel “Inter” the head of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Anna Gopko.

She made it clear that the so-called “democratization of Russia” is a plan for its collapse.

“Kievan Rus will destroy Putin’s Moscovia. Geographically God made us neighbors. I think that Ukraine’s success — is a way of democratization and transformation inside Russia. Sooner or later, I believe in reasonable Russian people, who, thanks to hardy and reasonable Ukrainian people will understand that they too want to live with democracy, dignity and freedom. Therefore much depends on us.

And I, in principle, as a person who believes in God, I believe that in the 21st century we have a great double mission — to become successful ourselves and to transform our neighbors, so that we finally have a horizontal relationship, a partnership.

Because first there was Kievan Rus. Hagia Sophia was built in the early 11th century, when Moscow was not even on the map of the world. And so, when Putin is trying to steal our history, building the monument to Vladimir in Moscow, it has no relation to the history of Moscow,” – announced Gopko.

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