Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) released 59 ISIS militants


November 13, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

On November 1st the website of TV channel “Zvezda” posted this news: “ISIS militants are imported to Ukraine to fight against the militia”, referring to the expert from the Russian Institute of Strategic Research, Yegor Kvasnyuk.

It was a questionable claim, but we managed to get in touch with Mr. Kvasnyuk and he kindly brought to our attention that after his report, on November 3rd, the SBU website reported that it blocked 59 individuals who participated in the war in Syria from entering Ukraine. And they were directly referred to as ISIS militants:

During 2015, the Security Service of Ukraine together with border guards and police blocked entry to the territory of our state of 59 individuals who participated in the military conflict in Syria. Militants of international terrorist organizations “Islamic state”, “Front EN-Nusra” and “Caucasus Emirate” have been forcibly returned to their countries of origin.Most of them on suspicion of terrorist activities have already been deported from Turkey, Jordan and Egypt, and some of them even had a criminal record for committing violent crimes.The militants considered Ukraine as a transit territory, where they can get medical care or receive false documents to travel to the Syrian-Iraqi zone of military conflict.In particular, on October 29, the citizen of the Russian Federation, who was part of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” and took part in the fighting in Syria was denied entry to the territory of Ukraine. He arrived to our country from Turkey.

In addition, SBU in the course of the year started 10 criminal proceedings on the fact of production and using of forged documents in the interests of supporters of terrorist organizations.

That is, instead of detaining the militants of the organization recognized as terrorist in dozens of countries, including the US and the EU, SBU simply showed them the door. In fact, as a security service, in this case they did nothing, and reported about it. Today we did nothing, but tomorrow will do twice as much!

You can argue – in Ukraine ISIS is not recognized as a terrorist organization. But then why block them from entering the country? Let them safely enter, what’s the problem? Here they are giving mixed messages. And are indirectly defensive after the publication on “Zvezda”: no, they don’t come here – we don’t let them in. Today we didn’t let 59 people in. Tomorrow we will not let 500 in, you cannot verify it anyway!

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