Ukrainian town of Svatovo completely destroyed from blast of 3.5 tons of ammo


November 2, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

LPR: Svatovo is completely destroyed after the fire at Ukrainian warehouses, people are fleeing the city

The town of Svatovo is completely destroyed after a large-scale fire at Ukrainian ammunition depots just in time for the cold, people are fleeing their homes, which Ukrainian authorities are not in a hurry to restore, reports LPR press-service.

“Svatovo fire showed the incompetence of authorities, and fear of responsibility for what happened at all levels of management spiral. It has been more than three days since the fire, and the authorities to this time did not give a decent explanation of the causes of the tragedy. Referring to alleged mythical arson committed by “saboteurs”, and maybe it was mice with matches? The nonsense of defence minister Poltorak and his entourage, brainwashing the simple layman, without explaining why a deadly warehouse with more than 3.5 tons of ammunition was located inside the city line without proper security and basic fire extinguishing means. Four people were killed, more than 100 are in hospitals.

The head of Lugansk regional military-civil [Ukrainian] administration, Georgy Tuka, is blatantly lying on air: “When determining location of such objects there are certain regulations. All, absolutely all regulations have been met in this case – as far as distance to residential properties (minimum distance of 500 meters, in fact – 1200)… As far as location and safety everything was executed beyond required regulations”. 

Meanwhile ammo scattered three kilometers from the source of fire. And after that, Georgy Tuka put a final nail in the coffin of local residents, reporting it is impossible to efficiently use the allocated budget funds for liquidation of consequences of emergency situation in Svatovo because of bureaucratic difficulties. Thus effectively leaving the residents of Svatovo to their own devices. 

Currently, more than 50% of local residents are afraid to return to Svatovo, marauders have taken over the city, there is no water, no heat, outside temperature is below zero, the power has been restored only partially, many buildings have damaged windows and roofs. Of five schools, only one partially survived. The schools are completely closed in the city. In addition, destroyed and badly damaged: kindergarten, art school, pension fund office, city council, gymnasium, child development center, orphanage, two pharmacies, DOSAAF building”, — stated the report from LPR.

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