US State Department: The shooting of the catapulted Russian pilots could be self-defense

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Maria Zakharova

November 25, 2015

Maria Zakharova, Facebook

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson

Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

Remember these words. Remember forever. And I will never forget it. I promise.

Media: “The U.S. State Department does not exclude that the shooting of catapulted pilots of the Russian Su-24 by Syrian Turkmens was self-defense, said the official representative of the agency, Mark Toner, during a briefing.

 “If the Turkmen forces were attacked by Russian air strikes, they could defend themselves,” – said Toner to the question of assessing the actions of the Syrian Turkmens, who shot the catapulted pilots of the Russian Su-24. 

To a follow-up question of a journalist whether to consider self-defense the shooting the unarmed pilots, who ejected with a parachute, he replied that “there is no clear understanding of what actually happened””

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